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Hello to everyone! :)

I'm new in the world of Trials... I'm wanting to buy a Stock bike for around £500...

I was looking on Supercycles and 2 bikes took my fancy... the Onza Woodstock (rex-1 spec) & the Onza T-rex.

Apparently the Woodstock is a more expensive frame and not too much more than the rex, what kind of advantage will it give (if any)? I'll be riding mostly street. Any advice or other suggestions are much appreciated! :rolleyes:

Cheers (Y)


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Yeah well my mate has a T-rex so maybe I'll go with the Woodstock just to be different :)

If your doing streety stuff or a quite small
Im about 6'2"... so I'm not small, how much smaller is the Woodstock?

Shame there's nowhere local to try all these expensive bikes out... It's tough luck if you fork out the cash and don't get on with the bike.

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Yeah i'd go for the t-rex purely because of 3 things:

You're height would mean the woodstock would be waayy too short for you...

The T-rex is stronger and better looking (in my opinion)...

And the £50 you save on it, you could spend on some decent bars,cranks,single-speed,booster just the little-ish things that can make £50 go pretty far.

Joel ;)

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i would go for the t-rex, i have had one for almost 5 months now. bought it secondhand for £60 had no problems yet, they are made from 2mm wall aluminium tube. your not going to break it in a hurry. realy stiff ridgid frame. good geo to start on also.


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I havent riden his T-Rex... well I have, no hops or anything though. He only had it for like a day and he's had to send the wheels back. The back was starting to buckle the first day he got it!

It feels a pretty good size. I'll have to see when he gets it back.

The Woodstock frame sells for £150 more than the T-rex frame, I would have thought it would have made it a better quality frame. But I suppose as I'm starting off, I'd be more likely to put stress on it in the wrong places.

Is there any other good bikes that are roughly the same price?

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I would have thought that the Onza T-Rex would have been a brilliant bike to start off on, especially for the price it is (Y) . There are many more experienced riders on here that have a T-Rex and seem to find it a great bike so yeh i would definately have it over the woodstock! :D .Good luck with whatever you decide to buy (Y):P

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