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You do have to see your GP.

If you just go and say it's really troubling you and you'd like to be referred, then he can't really refuse you. He will refer you to the orthopaedic clinic, and they can decide whether you need a scan or not. It might be something that the specialist can diagnose without having to have a scan, so there would be no point in just getting a scan done for the hell of it. Plus you need someone to look at the scan... And that person will be the orthopaedic doctor.

If you must, then you can see the ortho people privately - you don't have to go to a public hospital first. Just get the GP to refer you to a private clinic, which they can do. Although if he does an urgent referral then you'd be seen by the NHS in a week anyway.

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I broke my scaphoid in my wrist in September 05, i was in plaster for 6 weeks and when i got the cast off my wrist still hurt but i thought it might just be stiff or whatever so i left it.

After a month or so it was still hurting so i just rang my the hospital and made another appointment to see the specialist. They sent me to have a scan on it and it turned out that it wasn't healing properly. This Christmas ive had an operation on it after waiting for God knows how long. So best bet would be to just go see a doctor, the NHS might have long waiting lists but its better than paying loads for something than you can get for free, im sure they will be able to sort you out somehow.

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Nah, f**k waiting for an MRI scan on the NHS. I had to have one on my shoulder, so I booked one in the NHS. Then I found out I was covered on my Dad's health insurance so I went through BUPA and got it done. Then I needed an op, so they did that within the month. About 2 months after that, I got a letter saying they'd arranged the MRI on the NHS. I was pretty much better by the time I would have had the scan it on the NHS :rolleyes:

But the clinic appointment doesn't really have that much of a waiting list. Like I say, if they put it as urgent it'll be done within a week or so. So you have to persuade the GP to mark it urgent ;)

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