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Southend 27th/28th

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im just wondering if anyone wants to go for a ride on either saturday 27th or sunday 28th january as i wanna ride with y'all again

i just wanna know if theres any interest as this is the first free weekend i have had away from training in a month and a half so riding is my plan!

i really want to show everyone how much better ive got since you last saw me mwahaha


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u no me il be out somewhere along southend area and hopefully will have a brake that works if not il be down the pub in southend but if jacks out then il help film for you all cos i know no one else films part from me and jack (his cam)

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ok im a deffo on being out havnt had a good session in southend for a while but jack bleed my brake and its working pimp so il be out even in rain hope jack is, time to film me think may try the drop gap at pier hill and some other rather big stuff

where we meeting dont let any one change the time (DAN) cos last time he didnt feckin tell me and i was waiting around for him and everyone for ages

il be riding there so il meet up with any one else who is also riding there

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Theres a bit of land 5 mins from me thats council owned and all overgrown and stuff. Would be cool to build something there. Did you read the last bit cos that woman is stuck up cow lol. I unfortuntly had to meet her and shes annoying. Takes life way to seriously and I'd like to see her ride for an hour on a bike with no seat to get to somewhere to ride lol. S

So do you actually live in southend yet or...


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haha, matt u have to show me that paper:D i might come along if i can be assed....my disk is at hope at the moment. so i duno if i can be assed to put my maggie back on, means changing wheel cos mine has a massive buckle in it.

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