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Front Freewheel Argh!


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I use a freewheel removal tool then use a G clamp to clamp the tool the the freewheel and crank arm then get a huge spanner with good leveridge and a club hummer, and just keep hitting it, it will soon come off. Takes 5 minutes with the right tool's and technique

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i had the same problem mate i solved it by doing this ....

i take the crank off the bicycle, put it in a work bench and tighten the bench so that the crank lays flat and doesn't move.

then i put the removal tool on the freewheel and put the appropiate spanner on that ,then i get a long tube of metal and place it over the spanner.

the i put my weight onto the spanner and removal tool so its kinda pinned down into the freewheel whilst a buddy slowly pulls on the end of the metal bar untill the freewheel starts to unwind .

then hav a cup of coffee and admire the freewheeless crank you now have (Y) .

the end.

sorry if you don't understand ,i find explaining things hard .


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when i got my new try-all freewheel, i ahd to get my acs off and it was very hard but eventually it came off.

i had to put it in a vice, get a hammer and a chisel, hit it as hard as i could and it started to come lose after a while, it did take some doing but you will get it off this. or another way is to get the tool to do it with if you dont want to make a mess of the freewheel

cheers lou

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I strip the freewheel down, pawls and all, then clamp the bit of the freewheel left on the crank in the vice with some soft jaws in, then start hitting the crank with the hammer until it unscrews.

Make sure you use soft jaws otherwise the freewheel body will get all mashed upand will be unusable.

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