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I have two ideas:

pink and white. pink frame with white forks pon the forks there will be pink stars gradually getting bigger as they move down the fork.(yes camp maybe:P)

and black and lime green black frame lime green forks and the frame will have a green sparkel and also green bb and drop outs had the bit near thge headset.

what do u think any ideas of maing them better?

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hi all

well Pink and White dont really go together i reacon the best option you can go for is to paint your whole bike Matt Black as it is simple and it always looks good.

well if not spay the whole frame White and get some Pink Graphics eg. stars, strips or even change the White to Black because Pink and Black looks so good together

well thats what i think but it is your bike so do what you think is best


ps. piccy of my bike in black in matt black link

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Matt black and lime green sounds nice!

Mate had black frame and forks and green parts, looked cool!

Quote: Custom painted bikes look cool if they are painted by professionals - ha! load of rubbish mate! its well easy to take frame and forks off, hang by a rope and spray with spray paint. of course you need to know whether to sand, primer or laquer it but you don't need to be pro to realise what paint to buy...

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hmm i really want to be different and stand out to many just silver and green or plane bikes ect

pink and white do work white works with everything (apart from gold but who puts that on a bike?)

i'm buying a green and black 24seven v24 for a dirtjump bike and going to customise the colours on that a fair bit

but my t mag has to be pink and white or any other ideas what go really well to gether i'm getting my freind to do that paintin she's an amazing artist so it will be a good paintjob.

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Right with you on the all black=unoriginal Crocker (Y) So what about the pink frame, but white does add the camp touch i think :P unless you have white rims and everything else black. so i though Black and pink! Pink frame, everything else black apart from the stars on the forks and a few coming off the chainstays maybe ? And maaayybee just mabe some white or pink rims :D

If not then Black and lime green is always gorgeous! classy but still imaginative and exciting.

The choice is yours, what other color parts do you have on the bike ?

Joel ;)

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hmm i know its going to look camp but i think it will look smart white and pink.

Plus i dont want 2 bikes that are both black and x (x = a colour)

also i want to put sum pink tasle thingys u find on little girls bike :D

and before anyone think or ask i'm not gay

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I feel trials is becoming to much like clones its just the same old these days, there needs to be more origionality thats y i rode bmx before trials and i've transfered some of the moves into trials.

anyone got there opinions on paint aswell as trials these days?

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"(apart from gold but who puts that on a bike?)" hmmm i kinda like my gold echo bars on my bike. Anyway i'd say go for the pink and white (Hows about a pin frame with white flames at the front end/ white forks with pink flames at the bottom part), what do you think, i reckon that would look pretty sweet (Alternatively pink/silver colour scheme)

Ben g WST

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