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The Almighty Trek 220!


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Hi everyone, just thought that I would post up some pics of my 24" Trek 220, its about the wierdest spec you will ever hear of! I have done loads of mods to it, including snapping and rewelding the forks at one point, they are still strong...

Any way here is the spec:

  • FRAME: Trek Mountaintrack 220 24"
  • FORK: Trek Mountaintrack 220 24"
  • WHEELS: Emmelle 24" (Upgraded because I wore through the sidewalls in the original rims, which then blew off)
  • FREEWHEEL: Tensile, until I get an ACS.
  • SPROCKET: Onza 12t, the hub is screw on but designed for a screw-on block, so I had to put the spacer that came with my echo cranks in to get the chain line right.
  • BB: Onza Square Taper
  • CRANKS: Echo 6061, until I get an ACS to put on my old musclemans, then I can put the onza bash back on.
  • CHAIN: Some old black thing in a box in the shed
  • BARS: Renthal motorbike bars with 40mm chopped off either side! (They're huge!)
  • STEM: Trek
  • SEATPOST: Trek:
  • SEAT: Some old XC thing with "flite" written on it.
  • HEADSET: I have no Idea, It has the original cups and cones, but I mashed the earings so it doesn't have a cage anymore, just lots more bearings!
  • BRAKES: The original Tektro arms with some fibrax pads that were in the shed and Shimano Altus levers.
  • PEDALS: Mongoose BMX Pedals.
I think thats it, let me know if I have forgotten anything, I'll edit the list.

The gearing is abit high on 18:12 but its mint for more streety stuff, I would rather run 18:14, does anyone have a 14t sporcket that they want to sell for next to nothing? I am trying to spend as little as possible on it.

Heres some pics:





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O dear lord.... why?

Any chance of seeing you riding it? For comedy value only.

Its only for messing about on until I get a new mod frame, mine has snapped, and i had all the bits for it so it has cost me nothing so far, its pretty fun to ride anyway, untilyou try to get up anything bigger than a curb...

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LOL! Those Echo cranks...

They are going to be changed, they look a bit out of place really...

Its probably going to have to come apart again soon, my Dad is trying to weld my T-PRO for the third time...

but this time he is putting a huge gusset all the way down the down tube.

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Why are you getting an ACS free wheel when you have a tensile? Bit silly! should UP grade to a try-all or Eno

Isnt a tensile better than an ACS..?

And those echo cranks better than musclemans??

Id love to see a vid of you riding it, how long have you been riding?

I actually ride a T-PRO, but the frame snapped. So I thought I'd have a play.

When I get my new MOD frame, the echo cranks and the tensile will go on that, but I may want to keep this running, so I am going to get an ACS to put on with my old musclemans, with the onza bashring.

i looked all over, but i could only find one word to describe that stem, GODLIKE!

I may change the stem for something more "trialsy" problem is it has a screw-down headset, so I only have some old XC things, but its worth a try, it does feel a little short...

Dads almost finished welding the T-PRO, so it might be coming to bits later this week

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