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Washing Bike?.


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I always clean mine using babywipes :P , they work well, I just wipe over everything with em (apart from my disc and sidewall of my wheel) & it leaves a nice shine and keeps it clean (Y):D

oh yea and keeps it smelling nice :lol:

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how long do you think it would take to learn trials for someone around 250 pounds and around 5 foot 10/11?

Dear God the boy has got it ! I'm gonna try that, i used tyre-shine once lol i was very bored and there was a gleaming yellow can of it, worked a treat :D, yeah use cillit bang It's actually good for your disc and if you get some of it with water you can wash everything else down. Use kitchen roll to dry everything and go round with a can of WD40 afterwads in all the right places (Y)


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