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Disc Brake Piston Sizes.


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Right, this is abot of research for one of my college projects, we are planning on using a disc brake on the rear of a 4 wheeled human powered offroad vehicle, becuase of this we have certian calculations which we need to produce.

For these i need the piston sizes (master and slave diameters) which are used on the most common discs, ie magura, hope etc

If you could list the maufacturer and then the diameters it would be greatly appriciated.



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Very interesting topic if you get some replies. This would allow for a brake with loads of mechanical advantage to be put together without having to spend hundreds of pounds on Hope's.

What was about 4 years ago named a Giant MPH3 is essentially a C2 with a Pro lever? If so, one could get a Hope Mini lever and increase the mechanical advantage by 60%, resulting in at least 40% increase in power. Anybody tried that? The MP3 are stupidly cheap.

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