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Upgradeing Rear Hub,

' Mart '

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altho the title sounds like i just want an opionion on a new hub its not, im gettin a pro2 in a few months after i get my new bike,

altho i no there good hub's i wondered what people do to upgrade the hub

im after upgrading the sound of the hub mainly like stan's on his MBK that sounds amazing

just wonderd what mods people had done to there hub's to make them more efficent and better sounding, mainly pro2, or hope hubs


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But then that'll probably wear the ratchet teeth down quicker and it won't be safe as the springs can come apart *** up the hub.

Shut up, your gay.. I ran a hub like this for 8months with not one slip, I then sold it, no problems at all so it does work, your call and yes, Hopes are piss easy to work on.

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"Don't get cocky you little shit" just because I call you gay in a small immature joke, seriously get a grip.

Basically as I have said You could double up on springs on stretch them and it works as I have proven with no immediate danger but of course at the end of the day, the best thing is to leave it how the manufacturer made it. Your choice

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You cant really stretch the springs on the pro2's as they're leaf springs, Its a good thing to do on the mono hubs i found. As for the pro2 just clean all the grease out and put a few dabs of oil where the pawls and springs are seated, but try not to get any oil on the bearing. This will make it louder and even less likely to skip. I also got some new bolts with 8mm allen key heads as the 6mm ones it comes with are pretty shallow and easy to round off.

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Im not a twat? I just argued against you. He asked possibilities which I told him but then you went on a mission to prevent hiom from doing it, I explained it was tested and safe and so on......doesnt matter

Not that I want to be part of this little bitch fest, but one person doing it, is not 'tested and safe and so on' I seriously doubt you actually did any proper 'test' and if you did, I expect to see your result's typed up in a report, otherwise what you say, means nothing. Like you say the best thing is to leave it as it was made by hope. If it needed any more tension in the springs, then surley hope would have designed it in such a way.

My suggestion would be wait until you actually have the hub, ride it, and then if you feel it's needed, try removing the grease and possibly replacing with thinner stuff, but f**k messing about with the mechanisim, especially if you have to ask.

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