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Maggy Vs Discs


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Front or rear?

Disc front, Rear Maggy.

I'd like to get a rear dics but that are very little stocks out there wit disk mounts. But i thuink Deng will jump on the band wagon and do one with dics mounts. Id also like to try a vee out and see if its as good or better that a maggie.

BUt for me its gotta be what i said above!

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yea like said above in my exp. of rear disks there great fun for messing about on! feel great nice lever feel but ive never really felt that sudden BITE you get on a maggie..... so for big gaps and challenging ups it doesnt really work i kinda always feel myslef wanting to go over the object to land ontop of it so not to push the brake too hard.... get me?

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My mate has 07 hope mono trial 160s on his MOD, they are so good! Even when they get wet just drag the brakes until they get hot and it evapourates off! whereas maggies disolve their pads when they look at water.

If you are looking for sudden bite, get bigger rotors, some people run 180s but ask adam from tartybikes, he has ridden double disk for a while so he will be able to say which discs are best in the loverly british weather!

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A working Hope Mono Trials will not slip before a maggie would. Yes, they do not have the instant bite that a rim brake has, but if we are talking about the general wheel locking power I'd say that a mono trials is on par with a maggie. I've been running mine (200mm on a 26" bike) for a while now and so far it's been great. The only thing bothering me about it is that the caliper flexes a bit too much thus making the lever feel really mushy compared to my front BB7. But other than that it's a beast.

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