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Chelmsford Ride 2007

charlie >est<

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I have arranged a ride at Chelmsford.

Most members of the EST are coming.

Anybody is welcome even Noobs and pro's, Noob's you might even learn something!

I am bringing my camera. (i dont know who is videoing yet)

Time: 10:00am

Place: Chelmsford Train Station.

For any other info please contact me or post on this forum.

Email: charlie@onemotion.co.uk

Phone: 07843573858

MSN: cj.skate@hotmail.com

iChat / AIM: cj.skate@mac.com

If you have any trouble finding me. Please feel free to phone me.

Is anyone up for it?

p.s We may even give out Shirt's and Stickers!

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i may be up for this havnt road chelmsford in ages must be like a year or so and be good to see you again ben

but yeah is there actually a set date for this, il try and get a few of the southend riders out and about that day as well

cheers rick

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Well its all gone down the pan a bit, but is still going ahead, minus a few people.



Jack (maybe)


Reece (Pretty sure)

Jack C (if Reece comes)

Jay (maybe, later on)

Nathan (if Jay comes)

Aaron W (Not sure if he is coming or not)

Jason (haven't heard from him)

Well Charlie can't come because he is grounded, Jamie broke his knuckle, Ryan P has 5(R3\/\/3|) up his bike, Ryan D has split his brake hose again, Blair is saving his money.

Anyone coming from Braintree, be at the train station 7:40am latest.

damo check your PM

EDIT: Aaron W and Ryan D are now coming, I'm going with them in Ryans dad's truck, so we'll just meeting everyone at Chelmsford station at 10

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Well I had fun yesterday, was a great day, quite a few people turned up and the weather was great.

There was; Me, Ryan D, Aaron W, Damo, Luke, Lee, Jack, Jay, Nathan, and the other 2 guys who made crowds gather (sorry don't know your names).

Have to ride Chelmsford again, it was an awesome place to ride.

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shame i missed that looked like a good fun sess with steve o there lol any more local essex sessions let me know or chat to me on msn


cheers rick

second that, put a topic if there is any riding goin on during the week or at weekends, cheers (Y)

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