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Maggie Problems


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hey all,

i noticed that that my front magura was feeling very squishy and even with my TPA all the way out it still pulls into my bar. I noticed also that it was leaking at the cross over and i have now tightened this up and it seems to have stopped. Now my brake needs bleeding, my question is do i have to have a magura bleed kit or can i make something to do it myself?



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i did not have a proper magura bleed kit when i bled my brakes. all i used was a seringe and a old crossover pipe (with a barb in at one end) that my mate give me. its so simple. i bled mine with water, if you want to do this, this is how i did it:

  1. fill sink with water
  2. put all my brake under the water
  3. un-do the the little 2mm allen key bolt in the lever(making sure the brake is still under the water)
  4. un-do the 5mm allen key on the piston(again making sure the brake is under the water)
  5. fill seringe with water
  6. put crossover pipe onto seringe
  7. screw bard in to the 2mm hole in the lever
  8. insert the water into the brake whilst pumping the lever (do this 2-3 times to make sure)
  9. unscrew barb out of 2mm hle in the lever
  10. screw 2mm and 5mm bolts back in

make sure when you are doing all this, that the brake is under the water.

hope i have helped you mate.

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thanks flas12345 but i do not want to bleed with water, i want to stay with what's in it right now. Is there a similar method i could use but to bleed with magura fluid not water?

why dont you want to use water its amazing. the brake feels so much smoother and the lever springs back instantly, but i supose you could just do the same method as above but with the magura fluid.

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http://www.magura.com/english/frameset/frameset.htm download the manual, every thing you need to know is in ther, may be worth to have the bleed kit for spares etc, i personally run a water and anti-freeze bleed but each to ther own.

hope iv helped , padarik ^_^

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hi m8 ive herd its not that good to use water cos it doesnt lube yor pistons in yor calipers properly.

its probably best to use fluid!


that would probably be why matey above uses anti-freeze in his water, it is an oil based substance anyway, personally, when i come to bleeding mine i will use proper DOT4 brake fluid

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that would probably be why matey above uses anti-freeze in his water, it is an oil based substance anyway, personally, when i come to bleeding mine i will use proper DOT4 brake fluid

and that will TOTALLY kill your maggie!

Maggies run on mineral oil, dot fluid will destroy the seals and render the brake usless.

Just run water, it doesnt ruin the brake and it does make it feel much nicer......I really couldnt use the normal fluid in a maggie (if I wasnt using vees), its just oo hard to pull and gives me arm pump.

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I am going to bleed mine with monty oil, Its quite cheap on tarty and you get more oil than with magura blood! The descirption says its a much lighter oil, so it will feel a lot more like water.

I wouldn't buy another bleed kit, because I now know all the bits that you need so here you go.

To bleed it you will need:

  • 1 syringe - 250ml from the chemist, £2
  • 2 bleeding tubes plus matching adaptors - Just use a legnth of hose, I use the magura ones but you can just use broken crossovers.
  • spare hose - buy it from tarty
  • mounting jaws for barbed adaptor - Get a block of wood 40mm x 40mm x 65mm or a close as you can get, drill a hole in the middle 5.5mm (I think but check) then cut it in half across the hole.
  • 250ml of Monty Oil - £8
  • spare olives, insert and sleeve nuts all from tarty.
  • When you add up all the bits that you get in the bleed kit then its about the same as building your own, but you don't need most of the connections anyway.
  • If you want to sort it quick then order a bleed kit and some monty oil from tarty.
You can also just do a water bleed like someone else has said, But do it in a container full of oil, you will need several pots of oil though to submerge the brake.

EDIT: Have a look at this site, its really useful for tips on bleeding, you will have to adapt it to fit your needs though.


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