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My First Trials Video

Captain Scarlet

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this is the right link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRQByfcyraM

will edit when i watched it

quite nice for a beginner vid, how long have you been riding now?

i guess about 3 months, since i was about your level at that time

keep it up and you should progress quite quickly (Y)

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Ooops lol, just edited my link.

Thanks for the comment, I've had the bike since Christmas, but have been able to pedal for about a month and a bit before then.

I think I'll have to include a bit more variety next time, and perhaps change the angle when pedal hopping onto the ledge, it looks really small. :lol:

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your link still doesn't work...

Thanks metor? :)

The video wasn't bad at all especially for a first, usually with first vids you see overused special effects and long ass clips, but this wasn't too shabby

EDIT: edit the link and add M to te end of the url, and it will work

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first trals video i have seen with someone wearing a full face helmet! at least you will keep you teeth if you fall of your bikee, unlike a normal helmet..!

Hehe yep, my dad uses that argument all the time when I try persuading him to let me buy something more stylish. Its still protection I guess.

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Nice little vid you have there mate. The moves weren't amazing but that isn't what's expected from a bgeinner but your sure do have bags of control to say how little time you have been riding :o . Awesome tune and you definately edited the video well to say it was your first...

Top effort (Y) !



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