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What Should I Do?


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Hi people, I have a problem... :(

My chain is too slack but if I tighten it then the pads dont sit on the rim, they're at full adjustment and touching the tyre. I took a link out and then they wouldn't adjust enough to sit on the rim at all!!! :S

I know that a slack chain wont affect the ride of my bike but I hate the sound of the chain slapping on the frame when bouncing around!! :angry:

Any help is appreciated.. Thanks in advance.

CJ.. (Y)

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I had this problem.

With an extra link in the chain, the wheel was literally at the end of the dropouts, and brake set-up difficult. Then with that extra link taken out, the wheel was too far in, making my tyre rub on my booster, which I was not willing to remove.

Just put a half link on there, I got my KMC one from AlansBMX, was only like £1.50 or something..so it's not breaking the bank.

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Hey I have had this problem in the past mate, if your going to buy a halflink then you want a 'shadow conspiracy' half link chan but these are £30, have you checked that your chain isn't streched? because if thats the case all you will need to do is buy a kmc kool or khe kolapse, either of them should last you a fair good while.



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Try to put on a half-link, if you are absolutely sure that you can't fit the chain taking of a whole link, even if you use violence... sometimes it's needed ^_^

Or try to buy a new chain.. because a chain is stretchable in the beginning, using an old chain, that won't stretch is hard to fit when it's to short, a newer one, will stretch within time.

And also, if you're buying a new one, make sure it isn't cheap crap, try kmc or any of shimano's more expensive models.

Good luck to you B)

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