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My Cousin Paige


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My girlfriend was recently shopping around for a bike. She talked to many retailers and we were told that, regardless of her size, with the combination of less upper body strength (which tends to be the case in girls) and a lower center of gravity (which is always the case in girls), something short with a high tube angle is going to perform better. Tim (from trialsin) told me that this would help get her on the back wheel comfortably... without that, she will feel like the sport is beyond her and any money you spent on the bike would be pointless. Then again, also according to people much more knowledgeable than I am, the successful geometry of a bike goes far beyond wheelbases and angles. So, if you really want to get something good for her, you should probably get her to try some different bikes... but anyone on this forum will tell you that.

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Your best bet is scanning ebay for cheap bikes, anything mod would be a good start, oldskool monty, onza t-vee/bird/pro... da bomb, saracen, mission reefer... anything along those lines would be a good bike to start on :)(Y)

why mod lol? 26" rocks :P go for a old school saracen M.A.D the 04 or 03 one(i forget which one i had) if u can find it on ebay or somewhere i would say it makes a great starter bike well it did for me anyways :D

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