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Recently bought a Renault Clio 1.2 RN V reg (2000) approx a month ago. Been absolutely fine since, lovely little car.

2 days ago i went to start her up but the engine was just turning over and over, there was no spark (yes there was fuel in the tank).

Took 4-5 attempts to get her going. Engine did start though so therefore the battery must still be ok? Bought some new spark plugs and fitted them, turns out 1 of the wires had popped out so only 3 were working, still fitted new plugs just to be safe, so thought it was sorted. Left it over night and she started 1st time in morning, but left work at 5.30 tonight and took 3 attempts to start her!

I've spent all day at work yesterday researching this but you know what the nets like, half of its full of crap.

Can anyone please set me in the right direction?? Thanks

ps. keep the french car jokes to a minimum ^_^

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could be HT leads but again i work on minis so not sure if this would effect the starting of the car on ignition modeled cars, distributer cap and coil pack are usually comon problems, wouldnt hurt if you was to wack the battery on charge one night just to see if this helps at all. and if the batery is fully charged it will show on the metter. I often change my ht leads around, this usualy helps, would that work on a in jection car?

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You do realise that Distributors and coil packs are completly differnt things.

Therfore checking them both would be pointless, as you cant have both on a car.

My 1st port of call would be to a Main dealer. Not for the work, but if you ask one of the Techs nice enough im sure they will lead you in the right direction, or at least print you off some TSBs that would show you where the problem lied.

Before you do anything make sure you know EXACTLY what the conditions are.

The More you know, the more you can rely to someone who knows what they are doing, and it will cut the diagnostics down quite substansialy.

Make note of:

Engine Temp, Outside temp, road conditions, what else is switched on in the car, how long it takes to start ect.

Off the top of my head the Number1 things to check would be:

Fuel flow/ restrictions in filter ect

Ignition system

Spark plug gaps

air flow/restrictions in filter ect

engine oil condition/ when it was last changed

Would be very worth asking a main dealer, I know New Ford Focus has a cold start problem thats cured by a reprograme of the PCM, could be as simple for the French crap.

Get more details and let us know

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