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How Old Were You When You Leurnt------v

Antilope trials

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I was 3 and it took me a day to leurn to ride a bike, and when i was 5 i went to watch stunt motobike shows and i started to copy what they did, i fell off many a times, when i was 7 i was wheelying well far like 15 meters, then when i was 10-12 i was bmx-ing doing dirt jumps and stuff and now i am doing trials its a mint sport and i think ill stick with it as i am best at this one, comments please (Y) Ant

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Hi well what i can remember i was 3 when i learn t to ride a bike i can remember the bike it had only a front brake with foam tyres :lol: and was a relight or what ever there called and then from about 5 i did bmx until i started trials at 14 and plan on sticking with it for a wile.


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3 i think but had stabilizers until i was around 5 stuck with bmx until i was 10 or something then got a mountain bike then finally a trials when i was 12. Probably wont change for a while but i am thinking about getting a bmx for the winter

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