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Hey all, basically, I've found out what my 7-month long problem finally was... it's a TFCC tear, which is a set of cartilages/ligaments on the ulnar bone side of the wrist/forearm. (just below little finger).


^Sounds scarily alike what I've got!

I am just wondering has anyone ever had this problem before? And if so, how did you get it solved? I've had an MRI scan recently, and awaiting the results.. if it's swollen/inflamed then apparantly specialised hand physiotherapy will heal it in a few months; but if it's a tear then I'll need arthoscopy and surgery on it (anyone had this?)

I got this injury on July 1st 2006 by flicking my right wrist TOO HARD TOO SUDDENLY during a wheelswap. Knowing how sports work.. I'm sure someone must've got this problem before in their life?

Any info would be appreciated.


That reminds me of when my wrist was bad. I thought it was broken for a few days befoe finally going to hospital. A rider's mum was nursing me so knew exactley how it had happened, she strapped me up and sent me off, Took about 6 weeks to fix or so, mine obviously wasn't on the same scale as you, but christ it was painful and annoying.

I hope you get it sorted...

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