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hi guys,

just wondering if any one new of any of any trials clubs near the south of england i can find many clubs in the midlands. Is there any clubs near hampshir , there is the hamphshire

BTC but they dont host any comps near me. Any suggestions would be appercted thanks tom

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Hmapshire Bike Trials club in Eastliegh

Not sure what its like, me and some mates are going to look it up soon. Got the contact detaisls of the organiser guy when I met him and got chatting at the bike show last year.


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I would just like to point out that the next Hampshire competition is stupidly close to Southampton. If it takes 3 hours for you to get from Chichester to Southampton I would be amazed. Mapquest tells me Chichester is only 35 miles from Southampton.

There are also 2 Hampshire venues that are near Petersfield, which is according to mapquest only 16 miles away from Chichester.

The furthest away Hampshire venue is near Wareham which is 75 miles away from Chichester but even this isn't that far compared to the distance some people have to travel! (2 years ago I drove up to Yorkshire for the World Champs, this was a 250 mile 6 hour drive for me in Friday night rush hour traffic. I have been to a few South West Comps which are usually 2-3 hour drives for me and I have even competed at a few YMSA comps which have involved me travelling 3-4 hours and staying at mates houses for the weekend)

So to put it simply, why are you complaining there are no competitions near to you? To help you even further here is a list of this years Hampshire comps for you:

4th March - Hut Hill, Chandlers Ford, Southampton (Approx 35 Miles away from Chichester)

1st April - Bransgore, near Ringwood in the New Forest (Approx 55 miles from Chichester)

6th May - Nutcomb Row, close to Petersfield (Approx 16 Miles from Chichester)

10th June - Venue not yet decided

8th July - Wareham (Approx 75 miles away from Chichester)

9th September - Venue not yet decided

7th October - Hut Hill, Chandlers Ford, Southampton (Approx 35 miles from Chichester)

18th November - Bransgore, near Ringwood in the New Forest (Approx 55 miles from Chichester)

If you are seriously interested in competing at a few of the Hampshire competitions ring Terry Graves the club secretary on 02380 643 503.

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