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Bike World Cup


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ok me and mates always have lil copetitions when we ride (horse/pig) and then we came up with an idea of having a tournourment (sp)

so teams will be like where your bike make comes from so

monty- spain

BT- germany

onza- britain

adamant echo, czar, gu etc- china

get what i mean, so we gonna build like one huge trials course or something or on a ride and just have like a tournourment (sp)

think it will work

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Im going to have to say that, im guessing the people on the onza's wont win so i doubt using the make of a bike is a good idea, but good idea all the same.

Cheers, Rorz!

danny butler! hes british and not half bad too!

onza would win.......L O L

we should do it next ride we have! it would be "amusing"


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