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Are There Any Trials Parks In Essex?


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The one in shoebury had a couple of big gaps, but thats it really, nothing major, but i thought it got burned down ages ago ? :S

But yeah Matts right, if you don't want your bike to get stolen, then stay weeeell away

They were supposed to be building an indoor one in kent :S dunno what happened to that


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there is a little thing in ipswich skate park made out of railway sleepers and stuff for trials.

it's small...and it's crap but it's something at least!

YEAH i live in ipswich, theres also a little bit of natural down towards the river. to much for me thou :P beening a noob

does norwich have a skate/trials park, i no the city has a few kool bits if you no where to look


cheers harry

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