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  1. Just inbox'd Jonny Jones about this. I gig almost every weekend so definitely need to book it off haha.
  2. Coming on the 14th morning and all day 15th now.
  3. Nice and.. er.. untidy. I'll get one from mt laptop later haha.
  4. Really want to come both days, however I've got a gig Saturday evening in Hamptworth. I'll come Sunday though.
  5. Southern have services leaving on a regular basis to Southampton (sometimes Portsmouth) - on the Southampton train, change at Havant and get another direct service to Portsmouth HBR/Portsmouth & Southsea.
  6. 'Appy Burfday babes.
  7. You don't need a new one each year, you just have to respect that it needs decent charging cycles. Like a laptop battery really.. I let mine run till it almost turns off once a week, then I let it do a full recharge overnight. That way it gets use to using [_______] that much of its battery and not [____|__] that much.
  8. Reset network settings. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings If you've got a password on the phone it'll ask for it.
  9. My dad told me a story ages ago about when he was out jogging, decided to cut through the church grounds via the graveyard. It was a hot summers evening but all of a sudden it went ice cold and the sweat froze on him. He stopped dead and he said it was like ice till he moved from this spot, then it was a summers evening again. I believe in ghosts very much, hell my amp moving across the room downstairs when everyone was asleep was enough to convince me.
  10. Recorded this earlier as a tribute to the recently deceased Gary Moore, not 'my' music, but sorta showcases 'me'? haha. That's a remix I did a long time ago, it's my production all over. Finally, this is written by me so it's.. my songwriting! Sorry if it's, erm, pop.
  11. This will fix everything.
  12. As of Jan I may have a massive addition to my 'workstation'.
  13. Ahh right. In which case, at least it's not on here.
  14. Anyway, hope this gets sorted dude. I hate coming on and reading that people have been scammed on here, 99% of people on here are genuine and I'd happily trade with.
  15. +1. Good movie, funny in places, serious in others! DON'T watch 'Monsters', it's crap. However.. Tron looks f**king amazing, anyone else thinking this?