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  1. The deep blue from Imaginate
  2. I like it but not as much as I liked the blue model and would agree that in the image the colour looks quite similar to the previous flow but then the new Hex looks very different in person compared to the images of it...
  3. So what are the advantages of it being carbon then? I assumed it would be much lighter. Does anyone know if the geometry differs from the Skye at all?
  4. Interested to see what others think of Danny’s new full carbon trials bike? I think it looks brilliant especially with the internal cable routing.
  5. Thanks for the help guys
  6. I’ve got a Magura MT6 that needs to be bled, is it possible to use Shimano mineral oil instead of the Royal Blood?
  7. If anyone has some tips for learning how to do up to fronts that would be helpful!
  8. I’m looking at getting a new bike and currently ride a frame with the same geometry as the Inspired Arcade. I am wondering what the main differences in riding characteristics are between that and the more recent (2016) Fourplay frames? Thanks for any help!