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  1. I'm not 100% sure but this should be pretty close: bb height: 50mm chainstay length: 360mm wheelbase: 1015mm headtube angle: 73 degrees
  2. EDIT: I've uploaded it to vimeo. It's pretty poor quality but there's nothing much I can do unfortunately. https://vimeo.com/64595851
  3. Despite it being a good video, it's from 2010 if you didn't realise?
  4. I'm at Huddersfield Uni as well. I haven't ridden in well over a year but I've still got my bike at home. Which accommodation are you in?
  5. Did you leave it at aire valley?
  6. Easiest/quickest way to remove the blocks on the edges then.....?
  7. Bike looks amazing. What's the easiest/quickest way to make a tyre bald?
  8. Taken from the Tartybikes website: Double Butted spokes build more durable wheels than cheaper plain gauge. Why? The spokes can flex in the centre, rather than transferring the load to the head, which is where spokes are more prone to breaking.
  9. Wb: 1030mm Chainstay length: 362mm Head angle: 71 degrees bb height: 55mm Reach: 610mm
  10. Just double check with them that the hub shell will fit
  11. It isnt required, it is possible to use a hammer and a punch but you have to be carefull. Also tarty can take apart your hub and change the shell for £10.
  12. £53 with free shipping..... ISO Disk Hub Shell