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  1. Riding Southampton tomorrow. Decent amount of people going from eastleigh like Andy B, Shaun, maybe Brad.....
  2. uurrr what is it? o wait its your face..... should do something bout that mate..

  3. What are your tags guys? see if you can beat my times!
  4. I find it helps when i cant sleep and i never sleep well so im on it a lot! lol
  5. Frozenyomomma said the live tag dont exist... maybe it expired? Nick added. I have the expansion and im sitting pretty at 35 platinums 30 gold and 6 silvers
  6. Wondering does anyone on here play the trials HD game available on the xbox live marketplace? I think im doing allright wondered if anyone wanted to add my gamertag so i can see ur scores? mine is EllTG
  7. You should leave the information on the thread so its there for future reference. Say someone in the future has the same problem you had (which was solved but has been edited away). They make the post, wait for someone to reply depending on what it is it could take days before a solution is found but if a thread where it had occurred before had not been edited and essentially deleted, then the answer would have been there straight up. Not digging just making a point.
  8. I was thinking a ducati....
  9. Nice vid mate. 2 fav bits: the sidehop up the stair set to front wheel, looked so cool the shot to the cup at the end the fish eye even made that huge! lol
  10. It goes without saying now that it is ridiculous! haha Have you tried wanging it into VLC media player? Sounds like a codec issue.
  11. Thats a bit too broad to make any point. At one end of the scale you have hardened steel. The workhorse metal that compared to any other materials in trials is literally just used when you want to bombproof something. The strength is high and the weight is high. Then you have titanium, Titanium is a light metal but is weaker than most of the other metals used. So making a statement like they are steel and titanium is a bit misleading and inaccurate. If anything steel becomes an issue but in a completely different way because whatever it contacts and pushes into when force is applied is probably going to suffer. Imagine you have a steel bb with steel cups in a ally frame. You land to bash the force goes to the bb which will push against the frame. The frame will typically be made out of a grade of aluminium, which whilst strong is going to have a lower tensile strength than the steel. So over time will wear its way through the frame. Although i cant remember what i was going to say in this post but hopefully you have learned something! lol
  12. Suppose thats case and point why you would never want to properly ride that our of fear of ever doing anything to it! Does look pretty pimp, too much for my liking but theres definately a good theme goin on!
  13. I wrote a song for you

  14. Simply because no one else has said it yet!... Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too!