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  1. Such a great idea and initiation! Points and ideas: * By default - typing it redirects to the Non-secure version (http), you can change it to auto redirect to https. * The search form is being displayed twice. next to each other : * Maybe alow other users to add videos and tag them? * Maybe you get get more help by publishing the source code on Github, so people (like me) could help you out extending and improving it. * Maybe allow unlimited tagging, allowing users to tag themselves on vids they are on, then enable search by people attached here a screenshot from the advanced search.
  2. incredible !!!! huge rider! crazy !
  3. wow man.. this is crazy ! very impressive !
  4. Wow !! very good control on your bikes! and nice edit! Well done!
  5. Well Done!!! you're a beast !
  6. that is a beautiful movie ! fun, talents, challenges, different thing on same object.. beautiful !
  7. brilliant ! i loved it! great editing! looks fun spirit ) !
  8. too bad it's UK only content.. i can't see it.
  9. I AGREE that is a kick ass movie !
  10. THIS STUFF IS IT ! i loved every single line or combo... WOW !
  11. WOW !! how can he jump so high ?!?!
  12. Nice man! in order to get improved - try doing the pedal-kick as a real kick. now you're pedaling slow this movement and you lose jumping power. good luck! bdw- nice garden !
  13. That is the best brakeless trials i've ever seen too!!! WOW
  14. 529

    it is kinnda boring. However WOWWOWOOWOWOW he has to be in a greate shape !!! i got tired while watching
  15. he's insane!! although his lines are always very short.. high or far.. but he's doing it like a god !