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  1. I think he's more refering to the freewheel not engaging quickly?
  2. Brought something off eBay, not only does it not fit, They've printed my home telephone number and email address on the address label! Anyone else think that's a bit out of order?
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  7. The feedback system was good, there was flaws in it though. Guess that's why it got taken off?
  8. This is what annoys me with most of the trials community. You see it all the time in the disputes section. You see someone having an issue with a seller, and people are like 'i've had no issues with them'. just because YOU had no issues with them, doesnt mean OTHER people havnt had issues with them and just because most of the time they are alright as a seller, doesn't give them the right to act like a complete tool towards someone.
  9. Took me 6 months to get all of what i ordered off seabass, so what you've been through is nothing
  10. Yup! slowly getting there! need to figure out how to mount them properly, and a few more fans and she'll finally be ready!
  11. This makes me very happy
  12. Dave, maybe it's worth trying to reason with him? find out what his hobbies were when he was younger, maybe you'll find a middle ground? he'll see that you're trying to take an intrest in his life, and might be more understanding about yours?
  13. Does anyone really use a bashplate? shame to have the mounts welded to the bb.
  14. welcome to the world of driving. Had it today with a woman driving like a complete twat, what sickened me was seeing a 3 year old in the passenger seat, and what looked liked babies/young childern in the back seat.
  15. if you want to save yourself a chunk of weight,channge those forks and bars as they're steel. Forks 1.3kg and bars 700grams if my memory is right.