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  1. Fresh moves, loved it!
  2. Nice feeling James :-D
  3. Very good man, butter smooth!
  4. Aurel drinked 145 Red-Bulls before, what a party animal!
  5. The Monty´s are even lighter than the Echo´s i think, i have Rockman´s now, and im going to drill some holes, bike is now with 6005g, she will never crack them anytime soon, when that time comes i´ll change it. Thanks anyway for the time boys, pictures soon :-D
  6. It´s not for me, it´s for my 7 yrs old daughter, trying to put a sub 6kg bike for her, i would snap those cranks with my fat 90kg ass in a afternoon :-D
  7. Hello guys, does anyone remenber a trials brand that has the lightest cranks available? I know they are lighter than the Monty ones, can´t quite remember the name of them. 158/160mm cranks. Thanks in advance.
  8. I was wondering the same.. ahaha! Cool video dude, keep sending more!
  9. Bitch cranking all the way!
  10. Would love to see a Game of Bike between NT, DW, and Bersha :-D
  11. You don´t ride hard enough yet. Then you will change that opinion.
  12. Shimano all the way, or BB7´s.
  13. For me his worst video to date, and im a fan. Never understood why the angry down the hill like the world was ending thing, and 7 minutes was too much.
  14. When people start riding road bikes it´s like a call for help.
  15. Got to love the guy with the Manowar t-shirt.