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  1. Just completed on a new site. 24 apartments to be completed by March 2016! Excited!!
  2. With a CCJ against your name this will impact your credit rating which won't be great for mortgages for said house you sold the bike for.
  3. Nearly there... 6 to go! EDIT: I vote mainly for tax reasons/property policies. Jolf: You shouldn't rely on the government to support you coming back from travelling etc - that's just pure stupidity. You should take that into account before you leave and have funds to get going for when you return. Creating wealth is easy if you teach yourself how.
  4. They really do, such an insane engine. I can only imagine what the C63's are like after the power it had pulling a 2 tonne bus..
  5. 145mph in a GL63 today. Such a ridiculous car.
  6. Tonight I did a hilly off road 5k in 21.02 so averaging 4.10. Happy with that. I'm amazed how much some of you guys gym in the summer, I'm fine going 4-5 times a week in winter but now it's light until 8.30 I struggle to go more than twice as it seems a shame. I just do lots of body weight movement training and circuits outside.
  7. *corrected But both pretty cool
  8. Ok cheers Yeah it is, just to keep me going for the next year and so the insurance drops a bit before moving onto something a little more exciting.
  9. I'm collecting a 2011 Fiat Punto this week, it's a 1.2 and has 29,000 miles, and I'm getting it mainly because I'm getting it from my Grandad for £3k. What should I look out for going forward? Any known faults etc? It's in great condition and regularly serviced etc Cheers, I hope to be more active in here going forward once I can afford something better..
  10. That was a great video - I really enjoyed that
  11. I had a buy to let in Leeds but ended up flipping it to release a gain, so I can use it for other developments I have on, that's the long term plan - however in commercial property. It all comes down to what you want out of it and your risk perception. Personally, option 1 all day long, save for the next deposit using the cashflow and savings etc. You just need to think of the negative balance as good debt - as it's there because you are making money for having that debt! Look to buy somewhere that needs work, add value to it and pull out the additional equity - with the ultimate goal being leaving no cash in the deal. There's so much you can do with property though.
  12. My tip: Pull any equity you have in a property out (to whatever you feel comfortable with 80-85% LTV) and use this to buy further properties which will make you money. It's not risky it's just spreading your equity accross assets which make you money rather than your house which costs you money. The additional interest on your personal mortgage is tax deductable too.
  13. £500 pcm for a room in Harrogate, great room and location though so it's all good.. My mortgage was £290 on a £70k mortgage which is quite annoying.
  14. I remember the first trials bike I ever went on was a Monty X-Hydra - which has one.