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  1. I used to love my old metal crossover... until i broke it with my ankle on a crescent ilions ! strange they disappeared, I’ve just run a booster which covered the maggie for the past ??? years... seems to do the trick. Definitely makes you feel special that nice metal braided thing... now I run a clear trialtech hose, almost as special- I can see all the bubbles how fun!
  2. how many sequin pillows ordered? im goin fer 400
  3. braces, straps, support just make you weaker and lead to injury. I’ve shown you ways of strengthening your feet!! barefoot life...
  4. surprised you didn't break everything with this being your front end set up :barf: you need more GOREZZZ AIDZ and 4k and hella DRONE shots and hashtags, that’s what the children eat now a days.
  5. best bmx vid ive seen in years.
  6. as a medical patient I partake frequently over the past ?? years. Riding a touring bike, pedalling for hours over beautiful land = the best place to be stoned on a bike. Riding trials while stoned can go many ways depending on what type of weed you are smoking and how much you’re smoking. An intense hyperfocused “training” day for uci- might not be a good time to smoke a 6 foot bong. relaxed, ride around town while curb slappin n jibbin... an ok time for a joint, especially if you have dreadlocks. that toasty toast video of dudes riding logs n tyres looking like a good time for 12 foot bong.
  7. looks like an awesome time... makes me wonder why im putting front maggies on my pogo after a decade of discs. if that was within a 10 hour drive I would go... sadly america is too spread out..
  8. this is three feet from my garage door holding many trials bicycles. Which came first? I’m not sure.
  9. ayyyyyeeee....bought so many new parts that haven't been ridden, whole new bike sitting for years... #life
  10. more more !!
  11. ahhh the drunks tried to give the cop a beer ahahahhah. in America those people would all be put in jail the dude has skinnies n manuals on LOCK
  12. A+ ten stars purely for the crank/bash to rear move - haven’t seen that in a vid for a whiiiiile
  13. furkin a more people should me making 80% tap slow mo videos. good on you !! can’t quite place the music
  14. my streets are demo boxes and pebbles . surrounded by crowds when I’m riding down the street. dont know what u guys r talking about they rinsed that gap 100 percent
  15. sick frame bummer about the worst colour ever.