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  1. only now seen it... you know its lovely !!
  2. Some of us were waiting for Ali C videos long before danny mac was gettin pimples I think he’s put his time into being pretty daaaamn smooth he always was. Danny mac copies are international, very easy to spot. Just put them in an actual section. Im just waiting for danny mac to ride a long wb pogo again Wil edit when watchdd...
  3. whatever happened to that one canadian sUpEr street rider who would wear the doofus bill cap helmet combination thing, I thought that would catch on. Where did that guy go ?
  4. Love it.. always dream of riding this place- it def not as easy as akkrig makes it look. Finally trials content
  5. Sick track.. good times thanks for sharing
  6. Technology is slowly ruining humans.. no no one in the USA looks at modern comp riding with adoration- it is not relatable to what they know as riding a bike. It makes no sense and looks just like unicycling. Everyone cringes at unicycling... At the same time trials turned into street riding, very appealing- more so than comp bikes of the 2000s. The filter of nostalgia is a strong one as well... It is ridiculous the heights modern comp riders achieve- imo unnecessarily dangerous... I prefer a loose rocky biu course myself...
  7. Anyone riding a heavier old bike caint b compared to today’s technological carbon pogo sticks.. It’s like comparing potatoes to steak. Nutrient dense power food to carb bomb. Apples to pineapples. Also/ Damon wins every time. still have the intro of dw7 in my brain ...
  8. We’ve just been waiting for you to post! welcome back, proper tgs monster you got there, I assume used? Anything feel funky when riding- wheels\bb? Chinese carbon bar? trialtech stuff in my experience is all very strong , properly priced and light... huge fan of their parts for stem/bar/crank\bb = never worry about breaking. If the wheels are lightweight , you may want to build some beefy ones up.. I’d just ride the whole bike, with a new chain, and replace what breaks as it goes..
  9. What is this... A FRAME FOR ANTS!?!? edit: if the fork was a bit thicker, I would yearn to awkwardly put my foot on the front tire and spin the back end FOOTJAMMER HEAVEN STTREEET STYLE then look around to see if anyone hashtagged me into #fallow4fallow fame.
  10. You’re definitely one of the more energetic riders I’ve ridden with... Many people just sit there and talk, you go at it and are an inspiration... I just cleaned the bike dungeon.:. maguras have to be bled... think im gonna break this 17 pound inpulse on the first ride... Got 3 years before I can join this thread, peace...
  11. Not so sure about that barrel roll... Love watching him ride whatever he is riding, first long endo to drop off was so smoooooth...
  12. So good...happy I watched on a large screen, fireeeeeee
  13. first look def zoo python / craig lee scott glory day machine- but there were a few then w that rear triangle , any closer photos ?
  14. Cool to see him just “riding”. Can’t wait to see the summer house he builds from this come up $$$$$$$$
  15. If anyone starts the vid and is disappointed- wait till 1:30, he gets topless