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  1. Congratulations! Hope you find good fortune with that alias, I’ve been tempted myself but 13 bicycles is enough only ride one or two of them.
  2. Yes yes yes !!! More of this greatness, thank you for making it..
  3. I came in this thread to say you should get an alias. I’ve ridden a skye, not my jam- but at six feet tall aint for me..and I’m an old school rider- up and over smoothly is all im interested in, maybe a spin off but f off w those footjam spaz shit. I competed with 221 x-lites and my last mod was a koxx level boss. I’ve ridden an alias w some weird brakes, but it felt nice... set it up w a whatever kind of stem/bar to fit your riding- it is versatile bike, will never be as good at todays competition bikes (which you would immediately throw in the garbage after riding), but I believe you’ll be much happier with it as opposed to fourplay/skye etc. that being said, every now and then you’ll see a 221 on ebay... it definitey had a feel, nothing sidehops from both wheels/surges/wedges as nice imo... had some awesome rides on that lil blue beast ! edit/ and for wheelbase.. for some reason the numbers 990 and 1005 come to me ? my levelboss was a weirdo.. dont get one of those
  4. I’m a pretty huge fan of rawing all my frames with steel wool... bit o work
  5. And riding after a few pints, yeeeehawwwwwww cowboy get ready to be hurt
  6. Major neuron game... Like trying reversed brakes or riding bad foot forward for a while, good on you for trying it !
  7. Found something that looks more awkward than anything! those wheelies , must be soooo hard and weird !
  8. Perf ending , smooth and relaxed riding...
  9. Insane riding, new bicycle? something looks very different !
  10. 28009888 and counting USA numbers... my closest competition is a 23 hour drive. same if I want to ride with more than one person. Street riding I have on a 10 min train ride, real rocks are a 45 min car ride. Back in the day it was normal to drive 3 hours to go ride w someone.
  11. Quite enjoyed that ! Classic tgs w classic music
  12. Where is James Porter these days!? ripperrrr!!
  13. Oh mannnnn has it been 10 years since trials became bad !?!!!? SyyyyyyyYyyYyYYyK #monsterenergy #fallow4fallow happy it brought you in! ride soon perhaps maybe by the end of the year
  14. That issue with fit is just the world of trials, where 9/10 times you’ll have to bust the grinder/dremmel out to get a new part to fit on your bicycle... thats what makes trials fun ! custom fabrication
  15. 690?! HOly fuuuuuuuurrrrrrr... Aside for more noise for the spectator I can't feel the need for anything over 72 ep...but people need to sell NEW FANCY hubs ! Keep that money train rollin. 12- 24 was huge, 24- 48 was biiiig, then 72 was king (no pun intented...or...) now we have 108, 144, 690, 303209999 ep. more the merrier, i9 hubs look great. Still none as instant as the silent clutch I ran on my koxx cheat code #deathtrap #goodbyeteeth