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  1. Incredible riding, one of the reasons i come to look at videos here !!! Same anticipation hitting refresh on , please keep it goin!! forever How’s your diet ?
  2. Ahhhh was that first video Gunnison CO?? Just shook hands and said bye to bye to kevin a few days ago...Realizing I’ve known him for 20 years. f**k am i old ..?!
  3. red Michelin n the front HOT S rear... GEAX 2.2 , michelin 24.1 capriolo forks snapping megamo beauties..
  4. I still run square taper on some bikes.
  5. So much gold!! lil craig lee scott, neil tunni, martin ashton SHREDDING...koxx riders when french people had great style... made my night! good times.
  6. where is tim pratt now? last i saw he won some british style street competition... where’s the tim pratt highlight clips at... matt staples .
  7. that cannondale video... is it satire ??
  8. I dont know anything about cannondale anythin, but he shreds... looks weird as do most on such a modern machine, some of those end gaps !!! Was gonna riff on all the front wheel stuff till he nailed that sidehop to rear... powerhouse still..
  9. Awesome riding.. such a great style, and the era.. gettin old !!
  10. why didnt anyone copy the monty “urban”... what a hot bike. Koxx cheat code rode pretty funnily
  11. why didnt anyone copy the monty “urban”... what a hot bike. Koxx cheat code rode pretty funnily
  12. Did we find out if V brakes are better than maguras? What are your thoughts ?
  13. I’m waitin for the 19.75” rims... then caisso will return i know it...
  14. He is a SHREDDER ! and he goes FAST af, with a classic smile. $ $ $ that many views. $ $ $ No brainer. He’s doing it !!!
  15. only now seen it... you know its lovely !!