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  1. mannnn that made my day. pure mind bike connection, that steepnuphill his wheel keeps spinning on... like watching a moto hill climb.. but with leg power- and that pedal liftup classic trial noir move
  2. Only time engagement points matter is when theres only 8-20 of them. A lot of us remember a time when 24 eng points was nuts. the 72 points of king were ... well the king of the time. Riding trials with 12 engagement points SUCKS. Riding trials with 48 engagement points or 80 or 135- they are all in the same boat - all great to experience. I recently got a 135 click freewheel and I agree with the drag- thats just what it is. I’ll take it over an ACS claw any day of the week...
  3. wowww we are back to using steel bars? love it when we go back in time. One thing I’m not worried about breaking- the arcade bars. aluminum? probably. a great ape couldnt destroy them. If you are a 5 ton robot riding trials I wouldnt use them, but I’m sure your frame will fail before the bars in such a case.
  4. booom and just like that zoot alors gets REEEEELOADEDDDD with classic street try alls smooooooth operatin
  6. Nothing a little epoxy / jb weld wont fix. Just dont EVER grt a flat tyr and ull be reeet I remember drilling 7/8” holes in every part of an alex dx32 aside from the rim joint!
  7. Soon lets ride and make LATrials !
  8. ou est le beefsteak? Carthy is insane, thank you Albert for doing this !
  9. As someone who rode multiple koxx (hmmm...) the 1065 lb, 1085? xtp and still have an 1100 levelboss... I am also similar age... What do you want to ride? How much money do you want to spend? You can have great fun just as is. No need to spend any money to have an awesome time riding your bike, a bike that is a total shredder. Any new pure trials bike will send you puking. It is because they are no longer bicycles, your levelboss was one of the last competetive almost normal bikes. Todays comp bikes cannot be ridden around aside from hopping on the rear wheel, I strong suggest you avoid buying one before you try one. Why get an 03-06 echo??? You’ve already got a 02 levelboss. That would be like buying donut holes when you already have a donut. cheap- buy a short/high 80x40 stem and arcade risers and put on the level boss. should make it easier on the back, anything to get that front end up will transform the ride. You will want that set up for my next suggestion- get a used hex frame. I know of people who come back to the sport and are off put by todays “bicycles” so much they write off trials until they find out about the hex. Any generation one is a great bike, you will thank me when you actually ride around and find that blissful smile bicycle riding will give you after 10 years. Welcome back, you’ve got some years left !!!
  10. I remember monty bikes used to come with a card saying how much psi to use in dry and wet conditions, always under 20 in wet... For urban I run 35-40. wet natural 25? gotta have good tires. ON DAH STREETZ I only roll 110 psi.
  11. I live in the land of the real cholos. East LA... feel free to take the style overseas, sometimes I wear knee highs...
  12. feels good to ride a bike
  13. I used to love my old metal crossover... until i broke it with my ankle on a crescent ilions ! strange they disappeared, I’ve just run a booster which covered the maggie for the past ??? years... seems to do the trick. Definitely makes you feel special that nice metal braided thing... now I run a clear trialtech hose, almost as special- I can see all the bubbles how fun!
  14. how many sequin pillows ordered? im goin fer 400