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  1. Spend time strengthening your ankle in the gym, getting shoes to solve a problem is like putting a bandaid on in a thunderstorm- shit don’t work... will feel ok initially but it doesnt matter, ankle still weak- no amount of shoe will save you, injuries waiting for you down the line.
  2. lucky!! love seeing some older mountain bikes riding over stuff!!
  3. 20+ years of riding has gotten me a few riding rules... Every single move- sidehop, gap , whatever has to be linked in 3 moves, no matter how small they may be. Never one thing over and over. Unless your name is craig lee scott or neil tunnicliff (where are they now?!) If you are doing a balance line- and you take your foot off to balance, you didn't make the line. The second you take your foot off to dog pee, just get off the wall cuz your balance line didn't count. Jeff Lenosky taught me this in the late 90s, has stuck since. Kind of like a bitch crank, but to the 8th power. Dog pee = Instant cringe move. Finally always have fun and smile while you are riding your bicycle. You aren't in a prison, you aren't a soviet olympian in the 80s. Settle down, relax and have fun- you are riding a bicycle!! frowny concerned faces only get you anal cancer, chill out people.
  4. Found this 13? year old uk gem...from the simpler times before vlogs, fat tired +20% bmx bikes and hashtags. Just riding and messin about... Keep your followers up... might see a lil john s in there , where are they now?? wayne mohamet?? Watch out for awkward zoo and koxx living...beware the flouro rims they are only in for one scene. I promise NO footjam anythings :
  5. NO clue how to delete this unknown second post ??
  6. Good friend I used to compete with, after 7 years of riding.. if he both wheel hopped around on rocks/ balanced he had to have his left foot forward- then when he did anything with a pedal kick- sidehop/gap/etc he had to be right food forward. Never known anyone who did this... you’ll figure it out eventually, just pay attention to which one naturally stays forward while you are coasting. with that said I’ve been spending the last three years addressing my bodies imbalance from using _only_ left for forward for thousands of hours of riding over 20 years. Takes it’s toll.
  7. An older hex, without the super street new geometry will do you well. Put short/high bars and bunnyhop life is yours... Put a long low stem and pogo puff life is yours. but a mix of the two and you get a mix- something that bunnyhops and rear wheels fine. It will do neither as well as a dedicated pogo puff or street bike, but it can do both. Love to see a super carbon “clean” pogo bike take a mountain bike trail, skatepark and trials. Also is a nightmare riding natural competition with super short skye... the hex is just a fun bike, and honestly this old hex i have is better suited to comp riding over street... but i have it set up for bunnyhop chill life cuz im an old crusty bicycle rider.
  8. super pinpoint skilled but someone please give that dude who looks like he can clean and jerk a car a real stock pogo stick. Manbeasts shouldnt ride mod bikes. and someone tell them to smile they are riding bikes in beautiful nature, not competing for russia in the 80s olympics #sourfaces
  9. love thinking outside the box... cant get behind that fork, but you should post poctures of those bars!!! I read through the whole thread and was like the bars in the pictures look awesome... then i watched the video! seems like that position relies more on biceps?? to lift the bike up... id love to give it a go, very very bizarre ! makes sense for pogo stick bikes, on account of them being totally ridiculous to begin with.
  10. ive been running a similar chinese stem.. 90x30, 80x40, 70x30 and 110x30. cheap and easy to buy/swap- the shorter the stem the less of a chance of breaking it, most are well strong enough. unsure about that brand, looks the same as all the other origin 8, whatever chinese no-name brand is on amazon in the states... bbb or somethin. buy a hope if you want to feel closer to hype , and lose a lil more weight from your wallet... bigger sidehops
  11. I'd watch it back to back sometimes. Skipping over one persons part... ...and that isn't any of Jeff Lenosky's parts. He's a good dude in the real world as well, legend that Jeff Lenosky is. Anyone seen "Keepin it' real" with Jeff Lenosky? One of his first videos, lots of early college footage and my favorite trials scene ever with wutang in nyc.
  12. Well made, amazing acting at 20 seconds on
  13. I always forget about winters. Our winter is partly cloudy and as warm as other folks summers
  14. Mannnnnn I can’t beleive 40 minutes went by so quickly. Loved every second of it. Trial noir will never be eclipsed!
  15. Great riding, beautiful place... but no one can come close to looking as good as akkers does riding rocks.. since his riding in the british round? comp trials cdroms i bought from 17 years ago to his recent vids... dude is savage on them rocks, love watching how he moves his feet around / bad foot / so smooof... with that said, definitely looking forward to some new videos from this guy. also wishing i could make the space/ afford a new enduro bike..