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  1. Congratulations Pete !!! Beautiful kid. I’ve just got four dogs, couple hundred chickens and other birds, other farm animals now ... If you ever end up in western north carolina come on by, slowly building trails in the woods... plenty of wet logs to ride
  2. yesss back at the quarry
  3. Good to see you still riding Pete!! Hope you are welll... is that perhaps your kid in the background ?!
  4. only complaint is 2 mins ! Moreeeee...
  5. I began having accupuncture 25 years ago. In that time I’ve had it done by many different people in different states, and many different styles... It is a good band aid for pain, when you are clueless about the body (as we all are from birth) it pays to see a physio / learn how to strengthen and hold your body properly. I’ve dealt w a lot of pain and been injured for many years, have always been searching for the key to keep my body strong. Takes a lot of research and a lot of patience. I’ve had many many mentors/paid for many different “programs” etc- taking a little from each experience. Proper food and strength training along with mobility... pain free at 38, faster and stronger than I ever have been. Looking forward to the geriatric trials comps in 40 years.
  6. I started on a 16” kids bmx bike w coaster brake, whatever rides !!
  7. Super fun, I have never visited your country... looks lovely and quiet right now for obvious reasons!
  8. That was awesome. How old is he?? Makes a pogo mod look like fun, riding was incredible... the ending nose / hook / balance line down concrete - !!!!!! ... too many “holy fffff” scenes.
  9. Thats a big ol bend going on there... looks like rear sprocket may be used ? But big bend in the chain, Adam got the nail on the head.. Chain skipping is not fun !!!
  10. are you riding right now?? From what I see it seems scary, venice doesnt seem hit as hard as k town or dtla though.. be safe !!
  11. Lol at your protesters and cops!! American cops get off on beating the sh^^ out of people. That looked like a posh tea party , everyone acting proper, zero insanity. things are insane in america. They do not show things on the news that are happening. Lots of terrible looters taking advantage... many many people being hurt unjustly. Entire cities on fire, pure madness, cops shooting rubber bullets into bums faces.. Cops posing w people they have arrested... reminds me of guantonamo (sp?) bay. America is a gnarly police state, so many angry people here- many rightfully so.. but they don’t see the big picture. Staring so hard at the bark on one tree they don’t see the forest... the army has been brought in to many cities, I really hope things settle down somehow... some way, otherwise this country is truly gone (been gone for a while...). As for covid... the riot/protests started two weeks before june 14... so if this covid is what they are telling us, the cases should rise insanely high. If they don’t rise... might have to put your critical thinking cap on.
  12. Thank you for your videos ! Love what you are riding. I had a planet x jack flash in the early 2000s, I loved that frame. Manuals for days... Any idea what a similar frame is in todays world? I have woods I need to build trails in... Come visit north carolina and ride !
  13. Trp was the worst disc brake I’ve ever tried. Four finger squeezing to the bar... pissant brake. Wasn’t the spike/ their road one on my gravel bike. put regular bb7 and 100x better instantly. for trials - Avid bb7, only the bbdb caliper (original- find on ebay for $28 or so, new is flexy trash... like most new things)/ odyssey linear slic cable /203 rotor/ jitsie/trialtech pads. My preferred... Never liked maguras. Loved shimanos first saint.
  14. Want to get into some fun quarantine reading?? Look through this page for a half hour or so. Another viewpoint of the earths history... the human mind is a wonderful thing..a very curious mind comes up with curious ideas, see if you can follow their beliefs. I find it as likely to believe this as what was forced down my throat in school.
  15. Before the lovely smart phone, one would jump on their bicycle and ride around looking for everything. Now we can use these “search engines” , in america there is an app called mtb projects that shows trails.. but only big popular ones. Trailblaze your own way, look for public land, in the 90s I’d just ride through woods and hit many branches with my face. Or ride on private land until you get caught. Ride well, don’t get caught. Good motivation for speed and agility. Search for singletrack, parks, horse trails. Bicycles may not be legal in certain heavy traffic runner / equestrian spots. Modern Trials bikes are not the best on trails. Modern trail bikes are pretty good at trials. A street bike is decent at most stuff, don’t have to pull your back to bunnyhop 3 feet- rolls over obstacles and turns normally. What Trial bike do you have ? edit: added the largest green area i could see near cheshire, a few parks and golf clubs (night riding) near the city center. One skate park as well. Check your maps, switch to satellite and look for trails.. good luck and have fun.