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  1. Ok well i come back a few weeks later. No worthwhile replies to me, just faint echoes in a hope chamber. I don’t even have facebook and have not in years, perhaps thats why I can use research and my own mind... not rely on blindly trusting those in charge- especially taking into account you are being experimented on (they say this, the experiment ends in 2023..) for a virus is definitely a strong cold, but will not kill you if you have paid any attention to your own personal health. I know many 80+ and 90+ year old people who have had covid and are still here. I know of one person who died from covid this past year, a cousins father in law- who was over 400 pounds and lived off of corn syrup and mcdonalds. So what has happened since I last posted? Two vaccines have been removed for being unsafe. Astrazeneca and johnson and johnson. They aren’t being removed , just “paused” because of severe injuries and blood clots - These links are drops in an ocean - Use a search engine that gives you unbiased results. duckduckgo, everything is out there. Get many different sources. Look at the government data and make your own ideas. Vaccine injury groups in america and in europe. VAERS in the usa, it is a little confusing to search but it shows every injury/death and what the report leading up to death is. This is just the beginning. I don’t want to be right. My father just passed away, he had the vaccine just before, I can’t say it killed him because I don’t have proof. He was not healthy. The CDC has a very low official death rate for covid19. I would invite someone with covid to use my toothbrush and spit in my mouth before I would take this experimental mrna jab- which is technically NOT A VACCINE by definition. JT- hope you are ok now, your story is echoed in most of the folks i know who got the experimental shot. Ones who had the virus have a worse reaction. “Just your immune response!” “They are experimental and have been approved by FDA and CDC via an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) but have not been fully tested” Good luck, we all have a choice. I chose to be metabolically healthy and reject processed food years ago, the government does not have your best interests in mind.
  2. and I wish her good luck ! His death is being investigated... pfizer says it had nothing to do w the vaccine, case closed! Of course nothing happened, a mosquito probably gave him instant mutant death aids the second he got the vaccine. Sorry, not 100%- nothing can ever be 100%. How ludicrous and reckless of me. Let’s say 99.96% Just like the survival rate of this virus Thats the number on the CDC web site. Hmmm edit: added the wife’s post- no she is not a doctor and doesn't know 100% ! But let me ask you this JT- Your wife goes to get the shot, starts feeling strange things and has a rash later that night. The next morning the strange things continue, becoming unbearable in a few hours. She is admitted to the ICU where she stays for 24 hours before dying. You go on facebook and write what you saw happen to your wife and want to warn others that side effects can happen.. Someone looks at that post and says you don’t know what killed her, you couldn’t know- no way there was such an adverse reaction. She must have had something else happen. You took her to get the shot, you saw her face and body change just after- you sat by her in the hospital... but no one believes you. The death is being “investigated” and your healthy wife who instantly fell ill is just tucked into a statistic “well one in a few hundred thousand isn’t a big deal”. I think it would be a big deal to you ! My parents have both gotten the first doses , their friends have gotten them... I hope it truly helps everyone and we can return to normalcy. Thousands of hours of television talking about the new vaccine... Zero hours of television telling people how to eat and exercise...
  3. Someone compiled a list of social media posts about adverse reactions, look through it read them all. All fake ? Look at the individuals social media page, search their name, see if each are real. Retarded? Are you 11? Do you gave anything constructive to add? What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard ? Do you think she is an idiot for saying the vaccine killed her husband ? or just me for repeating what she said.
  4. I am basing it on the fact that his wife says it was 100% a reaction from the vaccine. Her her healthy husband died because he got it, and he was super pro vaccine. Heart disease and car accidents will always win in # of deaths... but people should hear the risks, as this woman begs to be heard. You can (and many do) get covid after the vaccine. Israel has the highest amount of vaccines given... they have become the highest per capita covid cases as well. What if your idea of 1 in 10,000,000 is really 1 in 50,000...? 1 in 10,000? still worth it?
  5. There are tons of different caronavirus strains and they try and pick 2-3 every year... I don’t gamble, no thanks! 55 dead so far in the usa ...
  6. i rocked the silent clutch shimano rear hub on a koxx cheat code... REALLY weird hub ! like always engaged, no latency - instant pedal everywhere. NOT strong . I currently ride a 21 yo king on my hex, a v old hope 2 on my *** and a 135fw on pogo. King still fav...
  7. 100% due the vaccine . His widow wrote about it, and she wants everyone to know the risks associated with the vaccines. No big paper will say anything about it, even use language like “died weeks after getting the jab” when he was hospitalized days after receiving it- issue began immediately. Look at where big news gets their funding from! No one here knows about Denmarks pots and pans protest. 9 day protest where they succeeded rejected new covid laws...Crickets in the usa, anything in the uk about it ?
  8. yep. and there are thousands of other injuries, more common than people think. Look into pfizers legal troubles the last few years. Not sure I would trust that company! How long has it the flu vaccine been around ? 80+ years? We still have that flu? maybe.. Search for studies showing no correlation between getting that vaccine and having the flu! none. More studies showing people who get the jab are sicker. In the USA they give it for free if you buy 3 packs of gnarly burgers at a grocery store- yeah not going to trust that. I’ll trust my own immune system, been years since i had a cold. The doctors wife is on record saying it was 100% the vaccine that killed him. 23 elderly in Norway died within days of receiving the jab, they altered their vaccination suggestions. Every country has a similar story, they keep coming in. Don’t use google to search for anything relating to pharmaceuticals, use duckduckgo . I Hope more don’t happen.. here in the USA they are starting to give to over 65 year olds. In 6 months I hope everyone is healthy and nothing happened with bad reactions! I know of 3 over 80 year olds who have had covid and all lived. I do not know anyone under the age of 85 who has had it. It is definitely a real thing, and sounds horrible to have. Unfortunately the vaccine doesnt mean you cannot get covid19... a very strange thing in my mind! And there has never ever been an mrna vaccine, which is explained by: “It uses a sequence of genetic RNA material produced in a lab that, when injected into your body, must invade your cells and hijack your cells’ protein-making machinery called ribosomes to produce the viral components that subsequently train your immune system to fight the virus.” instead of a normal vaccine, some of the virus in you- your body builds antibodies to it.. we have never tested or tried to hijack ribosomes. Considering no one has ever isolated the virus, I am confused how they made a vaccine for it. I’m telling you, pfizer isn’t to be trusted.. “Pfizer has faced thousands of lawsuits filed for medical injuries caused by some of its most popular drugs. It has also set a record for the largest fine paid for a health care fraud lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice. Pfizer paid $2.3 billion in fines, penalties, and settlement for illegal marketing claims.” Scroll to lawsuits: I guess the UK already said don’t get it if you have bad allergies: Good luck and be safe, research everything you can.
  9. that is the idea of most vaccines, however this one is an RNA vaccine- something no humans have ever tested, nothing long term. Most vaccines have a lot of testing, years... to make sure they are safe. This one, just rushed out...I hope nothing bad happens! In America, so far one doctor has died after taking the moderna vaccine and I’ve seen 4 different folks have some crazy reactions where they can’t stop shaking. Who knows what is real on here ! Vaccine damage can come up 5-20 years later so... all I know is I will not be taking it. Unlike most Americans health has been my #1 priority for most of my 30s and I don’t eat fast food /cocacola etc. Last time I was sick for more than 24 hours has been four years. I now live in the south of good old usa, at the grocery store almost no one has real food in their carts. 48 liters of pepsi and mountain dew, tons of frozen food dinners, tons of sara lee cake looking thing.. many cannot walk and have motorized carts. No one is educated about food, everyone eats fast food... super sad
  10. Who else remembers the fun of the ACS claw, 16? 18? 24? point engagements I can’t remember. They would break all the time, what a nightmare to remove them... good times ! Todays freewheels are insane, different world.
  11. chillin by the sea, smooth as always!
  12. Vincent H was doing shoulder high taps all day on this bike in 2005, in here is a 147cm one but the top of the wall has a tiny edge/not 90 deg. Tunni will always be my fav TGS !
  13. ohhh yes !! He is next level on that bike... ET go home Definitely would love a weekly 90% video !!!
  14. nonsense. I hope to learn things into my 50s, unsure about backflip but id like to learn how to roll fakie front wheel and proper g turn... As for taps/ find a non 90 deg flat rigid wall, something w a round slope on the edge or a little angle to it. Put your front wheel at the tap spot, with your chocolate foot at max power position... then roll bike back keeping rear wheel on ground, go till you are a full pedal stroke back- put a stick at this point. Then line up w the stick, and try it for a few hours a week! You’ve got it
  15. I guess what position are you mostly in the bike... on the back wheel? front wheel? Pogoing? Bunnyhopping? Then figure your arm/shoulder/trunk/legs into a trials fit calculator app... and you’ll get your angle ! Try em all.. I’ve done vertical, and almost parallel to ground, and everything in between. For years in the early 2000s in Colorado people would run the front brake closer to parallel w ground. and the rear brake closer to vertical- giving a better feeling on the wrists when pointed downhill for front brake, and better position for wrist when on rear wheel. It wasn’t as much front break as todays riders use, and different techniques I don’t think it would still be nice.