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I Need To Find Some Riders In London Area To Show Me The Spots, Any He


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Hahaha theres blooody loads of ace riders in and arround London! theres usually a massive london ride every month or so and im sure someone will get one planned soon in this thread, contact Spode, or Tall Rob, or Chai ride central london. There are about 40 riders who regually ride southend 40mins train out of london. loads of riders in and arround reading talk to Joe Elding or Martin Granger, so yea loadsa riders! and all sound!

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I see how you don't mention me, i'm probably one of the closest to central London :P

However, my hand is mashed at the moment, so it might be a fair few weeks until i can accompany you on a ride Mr Australian.

But, the tate is good for small techy stuff, sloped walls opposite the closed shell centre (right near the london eye) are good for TGS, if you can get into Shell without being kicked out it's good. St pauls is basically the gap there, but there are some other bits that are rideable if you don't have the testicular fortitude to do the gap. You'll soon find out where to go when you've been to one or two rides, it's pretty much just go along the river on both sides and see what you can find.

Are you any good?

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Yup, but i and 5ish others managed to stay in there for a good half hour until a nice security guard came a long, had a chat and asked us to leave politely (serious).

Where Chai got attacked by a bear:


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If anyone could show me where to ride around london it would be much apreciated. I've just had my bike shipped over from australia and haven't found any riders yet.
Are you the dude i spoke to outside Cycle Surgery store (Bishopgate/near liverpool st station) on my Adamant A1? and we had a brief chat about Trials is Dead dvd. i believe you ride an Echo hifi i think. or this another australian trialster?

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