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Wheel Builds


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Wheebuilding isn't as hard as people make out.

When I built my first wheel, I'll admit, I had someone there to point out if I was going wrong but i was following the Sheldon Brown WheelBuilding Guide.

My first wheel took me just over 5 hours to build after multiple mistakes and in-correct lacing, the only things to bear in mind, is having alot patience and willing to carry on going even if you make errors.

The only way you can really mess a wheelbuild up is when it comes to the tensioning because you can cause the rim to 'egg' if you tension in-correctly. But on the lacing side of things, It's really hard to 'mess it up' because you can always take the spokes out again and re-lace. Also looking at another wheel which is the same amount of Cross's as the build your doing, I found that helped.

I've built 5 wheel's in total and i've found that the more you do it the quicker and easier it becomes. In the long run it's worth it, It's better than paying £20 at a Local Bike Shop when with abit of Patience and effort you can learn to do it yourself.

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also anothe way to make it cheaper is if you dont understand how to trues the wheel fter just lace it up correctly go down to your bike shop and get them to true it for like 3 quid lol....saves paying 15 to 35 pounds for a single wheel build!

Or just get your mate to do it...

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