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World Biketrial Masters Cup


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If anyone is interested there is a Competition being run in China, at the Jin Mao Tower, Shanghi on the 1st & 2nd May 2008.

The comp is open to enter for any BIU rider born in 1992 or earlier.

If anyone is interested then please let me know as soon as possible, the closing date for entries is the 11th April.

All entries must be made through myself.

01 May: semi-qualify and qualify to select top 20 riders for WBMC

02 May: semi-final/final for WBMC

Riders: Riders born in 1992 and before

Minder: each rider can bring one minder.

Accommodation in China: It will be covered by the organizer for riders and minders during 5 day 4 nights (from 30/April to 4/May in the afternoon).

Air fare for riders: It will be paid by the riders

Air fare for minders: It will be paid by the minders

Transport in China: It will be covered by the organizer for riders and minders

Meals in China: It will be covered by the organizer for riders and minders

Prize money: it will be paid for 1st place 3,000 USD, 2nd place 2,000 USD and 3rd place 1,000 USD.

If anyone is interested please contact me as soon as possible on: badboy_bazz@hotmail.com or 01621 890962


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Just arrived at my hotel after an 11 hour flight and 20 hours of traveling, feeling pretty tired!

Im the first rider to arrive the rest are due tomorrow, scott gets in at 8 china time tomorrow moring (its 7 hours ahead here)

Hopefully get some pics of the sections tomorrow and post them up for everyone to see.

Off to get some sleep now!!


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Had a pretty relaxed day today, built the bike and went for a ride to make sure it was riding nicely. It was not possible to get to the venue today so in the afternoon I had a look around a few shops that were close to the hotel.

All the riders have arrived now. There was a large welcome party tonight with plenty of traditional chinese food! Some of the thing scott and I had were, duck toung, dove, fish + duck heads, pigs foot, plenty of raw fish and cows penis!!!

Just off to have a drink with scott, comas, alonsa and gali (Spanish riders)

The first qualification is tomorrow so I will let you all know how it goes.


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We rode the qualification today, there were 31 riders and 20 go through to the next round ( each rounds only 1 lap of 6 sections)

The sections were ok, but everything seemed to fall apart and wobble, like it was made it someones back garden.But they were still good to ride and really imaginative.

Both me and ben wernt happy with our rides, but we made it though to the next round. We both tied on 11 each, and we both got 1 time penalty,so we ended up on 12 ,this put us 8th and 9th.

There are 3 more rounds tomorrow, should ber a fun day!

We also got to see ot pi break the world record for the fastest climb up the jin mao tower, you should see what hes done to save weight!


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Just got back, had a nice 12 hour flight home, im knackered!

Day 2 didnt go quite to plan for me, didnt go as well as the first day.

It started off ok and i was lying in 9th with one section to go, the easiest of the day.........and i messed it up! Had a stupid 5 on it which droped me down to 15th! Really pissed off with that.

Was still an amazing event and a great trip, had so much fun, we went riding with the chinese guys on saturday, found an awsome natural spot in the middle of the city, and had some good nights out with the spanish

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Got quite a few pics, will sort them out at some time or another, didnt bother taking my video camera.

Ben came 6th

Weight saving-bald front tyre, no bash, random drillings etc, but the main thing was his clothing, lycra shorts and a really short lycra top.......... not what you want to see when you've just had breakfast!

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haha. that sounds so funny.

who were the other top 5 riders scott??? sounds like a good trip out.

would have loved to have gone to china, 1 of the places that is a must to go to before you die kinda thing.


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