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My Revell It's Getting There

sideburns(dnt ask)

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lol so do i. It wern't bad for a swap for my zebdi evil eyes lol


Haha, HOW did you manage that one? Didn't even know deals like that were possible in today's super cheap "Give me all your money" market!

Still, sounds like a brilliant deal, and looks like it's shaping up to be a bike I'd really want a go on...

Well done!

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a friend of mines got the Mod and it's f**king awesome :)

Has he not dented the chainstays yet? Or snapped them for that matter?... I had two Revell mod frames, both dented badly at the bashguard mount on the chainstays the first time I rode them and the first one eventually snapped after being modded and rewelded at the factory. Me no likey (the mod that is).

Edit: Thems a lot of stem stackers...

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