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My New 221 Ti


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I'd change the bars to some 221Ti risers, the bike will feel much better.

That is unless you're a midget i guess :P

Very good looking though, love these Montys.

that the 07 monty? 'cos the 08 is that kamel or whatever its called, and im pretty sure that was the first monty frame without magura mounts? eh im so confused lol.

looks good, pretty standard but yeah.


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:blink: Why?

Yea i was gonna' say, if you get a Ti the standard set up is about the best spec you can do for it, apart from maybe some new rims, as the Monty ones are a "tadd" weak. So yea some Monty risers would be good for you'.

Looks good loved my Ti :)

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Im not gonna change the bars just yet because im sorta lending it to my bro to learn on and i dont want to put any more money into it, i still have my czar remember.

I was surprised though like, the "moves" are easier on this bike, like gaps and sidehops, but it feels like your working so much harder.

And i was surprised how much easier sidehops were, like wow, straight up past my record on the czar, its the one place where i think this bike is the better one!!

I find that its harder to pedalkick and pedal up things though, just i cant get as high as i can with the stock but all around its a really nice bike. And i think my brother is f**king lucky to have somin of this spec to learn on!!

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