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Help On Frames

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If you were going to buy the echo I would suggest the long, the wheel base is 1025. As for the zoo it depends on if you like a long frame because the short is 1030 and the long 1045. I'm 5' 9" and the wb on my bike is 1035 which is perfect for me.

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Short? Because your a dwarf?

im sorry since when has being 5'8 constituted as you being a dwarf? im quite content at being 5'8.5. oh and its you're; you are.

i'd go for the short zoo, not too many of them about compared to what there used to be.

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id probs say shorter frame but both those frames are nice. Walker why on earth you trying to sell to pre member and in new members chat atleast if your going to do that talk on msn or something like that.

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