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well ive had my hope front brake now for few months new pads fresh bleed etc.. and the brake isnt working as well as it should be so any quiries would be great thanks,

daz x

Clean the disk with some alcohol and cook the pads over a gas ring to burn any oil out of them :)

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Gin is the best drinkable alcohol degreaser :)

Surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol are probably more practical and alot cheaper :D

Cellulose thinners is also very good, a decent sized bottle from wilkos for a couple of quid - will do your degreasing requirements for years ;)

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ideally your best off getting a specific disk cleaner... i can't see anything on chainreaction but you can get alcohol wipes that you clean your rotor with or meths (pure alcohol, get it from a hardwear shop and make sure you don't look like a scag head!)

but if you use gin who needs a brake anyway cos you won't feel anything?

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