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Little Video Of Me And Kenzo14(mac)


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Guy on the t-comp you might want to pump your rear tyre up, it looked like you were rimming out just kick hopping. How long have you been riding?

Im the one on the t-pro i have been riding 2 months and Mac has been riding since christmas.


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I agree, Mac, get yourself some air you crazy fool!

jokes aside, running a tyre that flat is never good, pinch flats, dented rims, flatspots, just damage that could be easily avoided (Y)

As for the riding, considering how long you've been at it, that's pretty good!


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Just keep practising guys. Takes time but you will improve at a rate of knots if you put in some effort which it definetly looks like your doing.

Try practising a number of techniques gonig back to the simplest of stuff eg pivoting on the two wheels.

Good work!

ps. don't use the same song as Damon W :P


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ive been riding since christmas but most of that time bike has been broke.o yh and were both 12.


i started when i was 12 at a christmas, awesome stuff guys, keep practising, and dont forget to ride some natural now and again to gain some real control over your bikes.

for you technique is the most important thing, when you get to like 14-15 and start filling out, my god you will just beast it up anything

good luck guys, keep riding together, having someone to compete with is really important in my mind, pushes you both to try harder and higher things

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