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Dob Rims


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I have both front and rear Dob rims. The front is fine (Y)

But I hated the rear, really shit at holding grinds, I had to buy some really thin grinding disks and even then the sharpness of the grind would wear off after a few rides. I also dented it quite bad, and i'm not exactly a heavy rider, neither do I do 10ft drop gaps. Ask anyone from Jersey, I always ride light and when I had the Dob rim I never bashed it.

I would definitely get the front Dob, and maybe think about a Monty or Neon for the rear.

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If you want to run a smooth rim, dob rims are fine. Strength wise, they're pretty decent. Hard to flat spot, but dent easier than the other trials rims. As long as you run a decent pressure, you shouldn't have to worry about it denting. I only dented twice in 2 months, but they're small and easily fixed...both on big cases though, I think I got a pinch both times.

I run one in the front with disc, and it's perfect. No problems at all. I run a Meta rim in the rear, which is slightly different from a try-all. I find the Meta rim grinds better, but flat spots easier...

So in short, the dob rims are fine if you run rear disc or a smooth rim. Don't use if you want to grind...

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i only have one on the rear, it seems just about bearable, for the weight im not complaining, it gives great weight distribution for my bike to standard where front are light and rears are heavy.

by bearable i mean the grinds don't hold amazing, needs a thin as grinding disc (0.8mm? something like that) and i've heard people ripping nipples through the rim due to it not having any eyelets (but mines been fine since march, just try not to over tension it.)

lets face it, there's no perfect rim out there thats light and strong.

give it a go, you might not regret it.


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