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Been trying to contact this man for over 2 weeks, anybody had more luck than me?

He seems to have vanished?

Likewise, Im waiting on a set of yellow refills but not had any response to pms, its been two weeks but Im not in any major rush.

Hope everything is ok with steve :)

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I had a good long chat with steve (is there any other kind?) about two weeks ago and he did say he had quite a heavy workload getting pads and other heatsink products out to people and is slowly but surely working through it.

Everyones always been pretty leanient with Steve for two very good reasons, 1) the guy has two kids, a wife, and a full time job aside from Heatsink, and they all want a piece of his time, and 2) He makes just about the best pads in the world, so as the saying goes, "all good things..."

Keep PM'ing and e-mailing him though, he'll get around to it (Y)


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Ok so I won't need to start worrying about my £16.99 paid for a pair of pads then ^^

You will get them, just might take a while as Steve is a very busy man with a young family :)

Hopefully you dont need them urgently though.

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