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About Koxx Xtp Frames


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I want to known something about this frame.

I am riding trials about 2 years. I had been 3 monty pr frames and the last bike was echo lite Full disc bike.

So i am looking for a new bike for competition riding, my riding style is quite smooth..

So, is that true that koxx xtp frames(full disc short version) broke down after 7-12 months? :unsure:

K alone material..is this aluminium so weak?

Advantages and disadvantages about this frame.

Riders who is using this frame..please write there your opinion..

Big thanks ;)

P.S Sorry about my english :rolleyes:

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I don't think I've known someone to own one that hasn't snapped.

You can get far cheaper frames with a similar weight that are much stronger! I would have stuck with Echo if I were you and put light parts on it, they make brilliant comp bikes. Mine did anyway. :P

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Hard to tell really because its a comp only frame and has been bought by people who are fairly harsh and ride street, so they snapped.

However its probably only designed to last 8 or so months as it is a pure top of the range comp frame. Its the trade off for being so light.

No one can tell you if it will last 1 month or 22 months, because we havn't seen you ride.

If you feel you need a very high end comp frame because nothing else will do, then you'll be prepared to buy a new one next season.

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get a hydroxx aint heard any bad news about them. all i hear is the koxx xtps cracking and snapping!

Edit, after watching your video you are smooth but you put like alot of force by pulling back just seems like your crack it under the down tube at the top, same as jamie williams did i think he cracked his there anyway. keep your echo there strong and light!

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I have had an XTP2 doble disc for 11 months and so far no cracks. I wasnt expecting the frame to last me so much, my last XTP (not dual disk) lasted me 8 months, however, it cracked at the downtube where it had a huge dent. I am pretty smooth, but I also do a lot of hooks and big moves that stress the bike. I have also ridden the bike a lot, remember, depending on the amount and quality of your everyday ridding is how much it will last.

Geometry is another important issue. I have owned a Hydroxx before the XTP2. When i got the XTP I couldnt get a smile off my face...So easy to control, so precise on the backwheel, amazing. I even had the hydroxx at the same time, but it was so good to ride the XTP that I abandoned it...Hydroxx´s and other bikes like the ECHO have low(er) bb´s, which in my opinion, are not so good for natural. The bottom of your bike will be hitting and getting stuck in many natural ridding situation. That is the reason why Monty´s and the new SKy´s have such high BBs. They are ment for comp and natural terrain.

Hope this helps....

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DOB..this is another story :D

Well..ok thanks for posts about koxx frames..I decided, that KOXX-that is not for me ;)

But what about ONZA ice?..ok not disc frame, but geo looks realy nice...I am 1,84m..this long frame i think need to be ok? :)

My friends told me-buy a stock..but I dont like stock bikes on natural, mod is more comfortable in natural(my opinion)

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