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What To Do When you Hope Fecks Up ?

Joe Papasnap Maher

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  • Phone/Email Hope
  • Take Cassette off wheel
  • Find a box for the wheel
  • Write a covering letter to go with the wheel, making sure you include your own address
  • Address to Hope
  • Send by Parcel Force (Bout £8 if you want it insured as well)
  • Wait a week
  • Get wheel back with either new internals or just a new hub (They strip all the interchangeable stuff off, like axles, pawls etc. You're left with the hub shell and "Scrap" engraved in it)

Simple as pie.

If you email Hope, don't expect a reply any time soon...Just send your wheel off and if they question you, just say that you did in fact email them.

The address to send your wheels to is...

UK Head Office

Hope Mill

Skipton Road



BB18 6EN

When Hope send the wheel's back they send them using some weird courier service...Think it's Omega. You have to be present to accept the parcel and to sign for it.

That's all there is to it.


EDIT BY TOMTURD: and that phone number again is.. 01282 851200 :-

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mwahahaha, my XC shell doesn't have scrap engraved on.

I thought I'd tell you this cos its funny, this was before Hope started giving new hubs and just replaced the ratchet.

May I remind you I had managed to get my hub to the point where I could pedal and it wouldn't engage. This si what hope said after I phoned them to ocnfirm it arrived.

D:Hi, I want to know whether you've received my wheel, its a black XC on a black drilled rim.

H:Oh yeah, we got that yesterday, we've been meaning to call you about it


H:It turns out you've managed to screw it up so much, that our tool won't fit in, so we can't get the ratchets out

D:hehe, ah.

H:What I want to ask is if you don't mind getting your wheel built again we'll give you a whole new hub

D:Really? Thats rather nice of you

H:No problem, do you mind?

D:No of course not, oooh, do you reckon you could send me a red one? My colour schemes changed.

H:Yeah sure, I'll just make a note

D:Thanks a lot, see you later


Needless to say, Hope rock!

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so, this might sound stupidly stupid....

so, it seems they dont care about trials use.. but what about radially built wheels? for the front obviously.. like if your ripped out a flange or something

or do they care they you use them for trials?

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