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As for all the year 11's it's coming to the end of coursework now and the start of exam period.

What's everyone thinking about all this hassel and so forth?

I for one am pooing my panties over it all.

I'm sitting in school now ment to be doing the last of my graphics.

Your views on this time? :)

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GCSE course work is easy wait to you do some A levels and you have 3 subjects worth of course work to hand in. Im not sure what its like in other subjects but i do IT and i have to hand in 3 units worth of course work one of them was 105 pages one of them is 70 odd and one is about 80 odd and after all that you have to redo them because your teacher finds some errors she missed first time round. Its great fun but by friday its all over.

Rant over


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Sure a B is a B? GCSE's mean nothing anyway, so a BBC is fine without high/low/medium/high-medium/what ever lol.

Yer but remember coursework is only 60/40/25% or whatever, so a high B can be real easy to make into an A overall etc.

I'm just waiting for all the older people to come in and be like 'ahh GCSE's are piss, no work at all blah blah blah'

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