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  1. Having done a little more research and spoken to a mate of mine who shoots weddings, he advised me to stretch my budget and try and get a MK ii they can be had with a lens for a little over 1100 which was more than I was initially planning on spending but the benefits over the MK i seem worth it. Glass will have to wait. Amazon have 3 in stock so fingers crossed they have some left once ive sold my cannon kit.
  2. That's what I have read, really not an issue, I won't be shooting anything so critical that replacing a battery will cause me too many issues.
  3. Has anyone got any experience with the Sony A7 range? Im after a new body as I’m hardly using my 7d as I’m just finding it too big and bulky for taking on walks and stuff. Planning on keeping the Canon glass and getting an adapter. The A7 is appealing as the form factor seems a sensible size and weight. The specs seem a good step up from the 7d. I appreciate the autofocus and shutter speeds are no way near as good with the Sony but I no longer shoot sport so this doesn’t bother me and I’m not actually planning on getting rid of the 7d body. From what I’ve read the A7 can be picked up second hand for £4-500 or brand new with a kit lens for £900. I don’t think I need the extra megapixels from the S and I don’t need the 4K video shooting options of the R. Thanks Joe
  4. I'm not too sure on the forum rules for this sort of stuff so please remove if I've got it wrong. I'm getting rid of my late 2012 mac mini which has worked well for my photo editing requirements for the best part of 7 years. Off the top of my head, it's the 2.3ghz i7 model, 6GB ram and 1TB HDD. It's physically in good condition and has run photoshop and Lightroom CC fine processing the raw files from my 7d without issue. Getting rid of it as I have recently replaced it with a Macbook pro as I don't have desk space anymore. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  5. i spotted something on twitter last night that would suggest that they are now aiming to get it finished this year. I think this is now all they are working on.
  6. Mery day of indulgence and consumption. May the wine be rich and the turkey moist. May your love ones be quiet and not remind you of why you dont see them more. May lego go together with no missing parts. May all toys arrive with the required AAs. PS i am very drunk.
  7. its very different in terms of workflow. I love Lightroom, i have a CS subscription so have photoshop but very rarely do i need to open it up to edit anything, most of what i need to do i can do in LR. LR integrates neatly with photoshop if you do find you need to edit anything in PS. i would give it a go, it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've gotten to grips with it its great. In other news, it looks like im going with the 2017 13" MBP. My mac 2012 mac mini will be for sale if anyone is interested? manages lightroom and photoshop fine with raw files from my 7D
  8. Thanks Guys. Having done a bit more reading into this on my boringly slow train to Scotland this morning, running the Lightroom catalogue off a high-speed external drive shouldn't be an issue with USB3. So I think this will probably be my best option. The screens on the new MBPs are gorgous so much nicer than any other laptop ive used.
  9. I have a sort of photography/tech question. Its more photography related than anything else so thought in here was the best option. Basically, I'm moving in with my Mrs and no longer have room for a desktop computer set up which means my mac mini has to go and I need a laptop so i can edit photos. I have been looking at Mac Book pros, i know there is a significant apple tax applied to the hardware and I would possibly get a better machine in a PC but i like the OSX and they seem a popular choice among photographers. I'm open to windows laptops but i wouldn't even know where to start looking for a decent spec machine that isn't gaming orientated with loads of RGB. My main concern with a laptop is the lack of internal storage, for example, the MBP i am looking has 256gb SSD. Which is no way near big enough for my Lightroom catalogue. Has anyone had any experience running lightroom of an external drive, either HDD or SSD? Another idea i had was to import onto the SSD edit that set and then move the files onto an HDD to be accessed later? a longer workflow i know but something that cant be avoided. Also as this is the photography forum here are some snaps from a couple of recent trips.
  10. I fancy trying some more primes, got the standard 50 1.8 but fancy something a bit wider may 35 and also something longer, I just find 50mm on a cropped body an awkward focal length so it hardly gets any use. If anyone has any experience with longer and wider primes than 50mm I'd love to hear your thoughts? Joe
  11. Some lovely shots there mate.
  12. I made a jump from a 450d to a 7d and was astounded by the jump in image quality as well as the build quality. Never used a 550 but assume it's a newer entry level to the 450. If your shooting sport and videos you may be better with the 7dii however like you said a 5diii will be a great buy that could last a long long time. Not sure on your budget but a bit of a curve ball, have you looked at Sony a7 series, with an adapter your canon lens would work, probably not the fish eye but it seems to be great great reviews. I'm shootings less and less sports and more street and landscape so I think full frame will be my next move.
  13. off to Iceland on tuesday, got 5 days touring around the southen half of the country. Any tips from anyone whos shot the northern lights before would be good. Also if anyone has been and has anything to recomend seeing please let me know. One from the summer that i dont think ive posted before. Looks so noisy but im not sure why.
  14. Cracking shot Mike. Hope you don't mind the comments but the only thing I would change is to crop up from the bottom a little to remove the land. Just think it would look much cleaner if the pier lead you down the image from the left edge. Colours are amazing, did you have to tweek much in post?
  15. Quick selfie from a recent trip to Cornwall.