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  1. So my plan fell at the first hurdle, i wanted to have the second access point in the kitchen but because of how the mains are wired up i think the socket i was planning on using isn't on the same circuit as the rest of the flat, i think the cooking is on that circuit so its separate. Not the end of the world il just have to find somewhere else for it live that still gives the coverage i want. The old router i had did have an access point mode so i tried that, got it set up, initially with a separate SSID to the main router but whenever the access point was switch on it seemed to be crippling the main wifi network, web pages wouldn't load on devices connected to the original network but anything connected to the new AP was fine. I need to have a dig around in the settings and see whats happening. With me and the mrs both working from home it will have to wait until this evening/weekend for me to investigate.
  2. I've heard great things about Ubiquiti stuff, I was just trying to avoid spending that sort of cash. Although there seem to be a load on ebay that seems to cheap to be true. Il see how i get on with my this approach. Cheers JT
  3. Well, i was looking at standalone access points and they seem to be considerably more expensive than what you can pick a router/access point/switch combo up for. Would using "router" cause more issues than it would solve in this sort of configuration?
  4. I'm fed up with patchy wifi in our flat, so I've ordered a couple of powerline adapters and a second wireless access point, the plan is to connect the powerline adapters to the second access point and put this in the kitchen. Im planning on setting up the 2nd router with the same SSID and password as the main router and disable DHCP on the second router and assign it a static IP with the main router. The reason for the powerline adapters is i don't really want to run cat6 cables through the flat when we are in the process of selling. Is this all i need to do to set up the second access point so i am able to connect to the wifi? Im not a complete noob when it comes to this sort of thing but i just wanted ask the more educated if i was missing something obvious.
  5. Congrats Mark. The Skye thing is sad, I saw a TV program recently covering a similar thing, the guy was from a really remote part of the highlands and the last thing he wanted was for that area to become a tourist spot. It just ruins it for the locals. If the area isn't big enough to support the community during the office season, the towns/villages won't survive for the high season. Personally, I've never seen the appeal of a second home somewhere, either UK or abroad, i would rather go and see new places than go to the same place every time I've got free time to spend somewhere else.
  6. House prices in London are mad. We have a two-bed flat in zone three with whats considered a massive amount of outside space for a flat, we have had parties with 15-20 people outside on our terrace. Within walking distance of two train stations If we wanted a house in the same area with a garden and off-street parking we would need probably double what our flat is worth and that would probably only get us 1 more bedroom. As people have said above, I know loads of people who are moving out of London into commuter belt areas to get more space knowing that due covid they won't ever be int he office 5 days a week anymore. If I could convince the wife to move further out I would.
  7. If anyone is interested and watches a lot of youtube I would recommend this to block all ads. I followed a mix of the guide below and had to do a bit of other digging around but it was only because I was using a virtual windows machine to SSH into it rather than a physical machine. It cost me about £15 all in, as i already had a USB to ethernet dongle and a power supply and micro USB cable.
  8. The house we wanted has had an offer accepted on it. Back to the search we go, I knew this would happen, especially when I was already planning out how my home network was going to be set up and drawing up plans for the garden.
  9. I've just ordered a raspberry pi zero and i plan on setting up pi hole on it to run as a network-wide ad blocker, any one using a pi for any other uses, I've got plenty of time on my hands while furloughed so feel like playing around with this sort of thing a good way to pass the time.
  10. i recently got google stadia which seems like good middle ground. They had a deal on a few weeks ago, i don't remember the exact details but i spent 60 quid got, cyberpunk, google home 4k and the stadia controller. That included the first month of stadia pro which is about £10. Pro has some decent game titles available and other games are often on sale. While I'm off work furloughed it seems good value, i will probably ditch the pro subscription once I'm back at work and have less time to play.
  11. Must feel good to be out of the flat Ali, hard moving away from living with mates though. Our flat has been on purple bricks, Right move and i think Zoopla for a week now. We listed it at the top end of what we thought we could get for it, thinking people would put an offer in and we would accept lower. Due to how Rightmove algorithm works we were advised not to go between 25k increments as this means your listing doesn't show up on the first page of search results as you can only search in those brackets. So we went with the upper bracket. We had a viewing booked within an hour of going live and that all went ok, (haven't heard from them since) but since then we have had no more bookings. Am i just being impatient in thinking i would have had a load of viewings by now, or have i put people off by going in at the higher price. Has anyone paid list for a property or have you always put an offer in?
  12. looks like ive got all this to come, we've just put our flat on the market. We've found a place we like, its been on the market for ages, needs a lot of work but that's part of the reason we want it. Fingers crossed we can sell our place quickly before the new place gets snapped up or put back on the rental market.
  13. Having done a little more research and spoken to a mate of mine who shoots weddings, he advised me to stretch my budget and try and get a MK ii they can be had with a lens for a little over 1100 which was more than I was initially planning on spending but the benefits over the MK i seem worth it. Glass will have to wait. Amazon have 3 in stock so fingers crossed they have some left once ive sold my cannon kit.
  14. That's what I have read, really not an issue, I won't be shooting anything so critical that replacing a battery will cause me too many issues.
  15. Has anyone got any experience with the Sony A7 range? Im after a new body as I’m hardly using my 7d as I’m just finding it too big and bulky for taking on walks and stuff. Planning on keeping the Canon glass and getting an adapter. The A7 is appealing as the form factor seems a sensible size and weight. The specs seem a good step up from the 7d. I appreciate the autofocus and shutter speeds are no way near as good with the Sony but I no longer shoot sport so this doesn’t bother me and I’m not actually planning on getting rid of the 7d body. From what I’ve read the A7 can be picked up second hand for £4-500 or brand new with a kit lens for £900. I don’t think I need the extra megapixels from the S and I don’t need the 4K video shooting options of the R. Thanks Joe