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My First Video On A 26!


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to be honest mate i thought that was a propper good effort loads of power and potential there, ok you do look stiff on the bike but thats only to be expexted from begginer stick at it dude

mate i know i'm not the best 17th rider of ever!i've got the oppurtunity to rode this bike only for few hours....you're better than me i know that simply looking your photo even if i don't know you!i haven't got the opportunity to ride in a good way my old monty 221pr cause it was too short and i had a lot of pains o my back!now slowly with this bike i'm learning and i hope i'll impove my performances! ;)

so be patient and i'll show you what i can really do :D:)

Sick riding.. how old are you dude? xD

i'm 17

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Wow very inspiring pusky for a "First Video On A 26" you look awsome on that atomz just work on been abit more control on the rear wheel hops, Not faulting by the way you ride sound.

Hope you bring some more videos out in the future.

Comparing your videos with your mod and stock ide say you ride better on the stock and it suits you. i love all your videos seen couple here n there on youtube looks mint so i hope you bring some more out, them sidehops looking very sweet too. Did you get that stock brand new or 2nd hand if you don't mind me asking?

Awsome dude keep up the riding!

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nice riding!

you are pretty tall, you make a 26" looks like 24" =)

how tall are u btw?


just 190cm :P

Did you get that stock brand new or 2nd hand if you don't mind me asking?

this was the lastest batomz on tartybikes

i've bought it for only 799£ the original price was 1600£ :blink:

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