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  1. Definitely jitsie, I’ve never had problems with them compared to the several echo freewheels I’ve had over the years
  2. Had my pro four skip twice in the first week of having it so took it apart and cleaned it out put it back together and was faultless until a bearing gave way a few months after that
  3. Had this beast for a year now used mainly for sprint workouts so only rides upto 15-20 miles and maybe the odd 50-70 mile ride but after being a roadie for so long Ive become used to easy terrain so just taken delivery on a ebike mtb Only taken two rides to tune in and do most major adjustments but makes riding mtb so much easier and worth it with a motor for when my legs are tired from the road bike or legwork at the gym
  4. Merry Xmas to the senior member and anybody else that sees this ps. Also drunk
  5. Doesn’t seem to be something that’s readily available with a quick search of google best emailing or phoning them direct to enquire and see if they have any available to purchase or find out how long production of one will take
  6. Washerless clamps? You won’t be able to use the plastic sleeves that go around the slaves if so. if the clamps aren’t keeping the slaves from moving but are tightened enough then you probably need to file them as they may have stretched from being tightened a lot previously
  7. Bigger volume inner tube usually fixes this are you using 20” tubes or the correct 19” ones in that rear tyre? could also be solved by making the rim tape more grippy somehow?
  8. I’ve used the tensile masters before thought they pap after they started leaking with the black alloy pistons in them, swapped those out for racing line pistons and had no problems after that provided an excellent brake on Magura slaves
  9. The new Commencal ht
  10. A new pogo stick for me
  11. 4 piston calipers may not be as snappy as 2 pistons calipers due to more chance of muck and dirt making some pistons lazier than others. Ive always found 2 pistons to make a better snappier disc brake
  12. Looks like an onza blade came out around 2010?
  13. Heatsink cousts and yellows work good on polished rims
  14. Single speed steed