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  1. I’ve ordered a sprocket to try anyhow just curious if anyone has done it and riding has improved?
  2. Was pondering the idea of going down a tooth on the rear sprocket of my 26” trials bike i know echo years ago used to spec bikes with 18-16 and then now it is 18-15 standard for stocks has anybody with a bit of weight/power tried a 14T?
  3. Also think it’s for not smashing the levers in to bad from going over the handlebars but yea short reach will be a reason too
  4. V-L?
  5. No it’s normal, the harder you pull the lever the less it’ll be noticeable but also tends to be worse with plastic pad backings alloy backings have rubber O-rings that absorb/hold the pad backing better on to the prongs of the slave cylinders
  6. Always thought Matt Arkwright at blackpool was insane 2.10
  7. always get the tgs feels when watching this
  8. Just over half way down in the comments someone embedded the clips of him on a onza
  9. Recently started to watch videos of trials again and was feeling myself getting the bug for it again so treated myself after receiving redundancy couldn’t be happier after the first couple of rides!
  10. The bottom bracket height are low on pythons some people used to run 145x15/20 stems maybe trying something in between that and what you have would be a good start? i used to run a 150x20 stem with low rise zoo bars and I’m 185cm but it was slightly cramped for me
  11. Definitely jitsie, I’ve never had problems with them compared to the several echo freewheels I’ve had over the years
  12. Had my pro four skip twice in the first week of having it so took it apart and cleaned it out put it back together and was faultless until a bearing gave way a few months after that
  13. Had this beast for a year now used mainly for sprint workouts so only rides upto 15-20 miles and maybe the odd 50-70 mile ride but after being a roadie for so long Ive become used to easy terrain so just taken delivery on a ebike mtb Only taken two rides to tune in and do most major adjustments but makes riding mtb so much easier and worth it with a motor for when my legs are tired from the road bike or legwork at the gym
  14. Merry Xmas to the senior member and anybody else that sees this ps. Also drunk