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  1. Few new bits on it now!
  2. I’ve never had a problem with them and I’ve been 240 lbs I've never understood how people don’t get on with them it’s literally loosen your axle bolts and click either side till the wheel is straight and chain it tensioned then tighten back up
  3. Snail cams are fine just make sure you get the notched ones jitsie frames 116mm hub size just for you to bear in mind and most frames these days are high bb so you may need/want more spacers under your stem or even a different stem
  5. good prices on some frames but unsure on import prices mate
  6.обод-echo-uni-36h-26.html Only thing I’ve found online bar some 57mm fat bike rims mate
  7. I’ve ordered a sprocket to try anyhow just curious if anyone has done it and riding has improved?
  8. Was pondering the idea of going down a tooth on the rear sprocket of my 26” trials bike i know echo years ago used to spec bikes with 18-16 and then now it is 18-15 standard for stocks has anybody with a bit of weight/power tried a 14T?
  9. Also think it’s for not smashing the levers in to bad from going over the handlebars but yea short reach will be a reason too
  10. V-L?
  11. No it’s normal, the harder you pull the lever the less it’ll be noticeable but also tends to be worse with plastic pad backings alloy backings have rubber O-rings that absorb/hold the pad backing better on to the prongs of the slave cylinders
  12. Always thought Matt Arkwright at blackpool was insane 2.10
  13. always get the tgs feels when watching this
  14. Just over half way down in the comments someone embedded the clips of him on a onza