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Daniel Gray

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My bike was stolen of the train from bournemouth to reading on monday the 30th march , i will give someone an award if they find it.

and after checking insurance apparently its was not insured because it ran out last year.

My bike was my outlet in life when i got down, and its hard to think about not going riding for a wile

but yer life goes on but im am f**king gutted, if you know me you would know how much i cared for my personal belongings and it sucks. However you just have to get over shit and i will eventually

rebuild a bike.

thanks guys and girls.


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You'll need to give a full spec + recent pictures before anyone can help really.

Scout round ebay over the next week too.

Does it have any distinctive marks/parts to set it apart from others.

good luck finding it mate, f**king sucks when stuff like this happens.

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Hmmm yer spose man.

Spec : echo control 07 ( polished )

Hope pro 2 front n back ( rear gunsmoke )

echo urban forks

trials tech bars

echo stem ( black )

Continenal front tire

maxxis back

maguras front and rear

cnnn yellow pads

trial- all rim. ( rear black )

trial tech front rim ( white )

hope head set black

all silver and black, front hub was blue.

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My mate had his stolen the same way, he was on his way back to reading from bristol!

Had a planet-x stolen from the bike carrdidge. Apparntly the train company wouldn't pay out.

Also, train companys don't like you locking your bikes up as it holds them up (although you could get in the carridge, close the door so the train can depart then walk through the guards room, but thats against their rules.....).

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