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Bionic B5R


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Hello, here is my new frame for the next year(s?).

It's a Bionic B5R that I bought on http://www.trialparts.net/. This company is just perfect, 200 euros for the frame posted. I ordered it last tuesday, it arrived today. So that's simply the fastest shippig ever!

Verified geometry of this frame: 1080; +65 (with Echo Urban Fork); 375 (with tensionned chain and 18:15 ratio). The frame weight 1748 grams verified!

I don't know the weight of this complete build and I don't care anymore!

Important components are: rear Rockman single wall rim, Coust! pads (thanks to Michel!), front Vee, Try-all Rage Bar 08 (best bars ever!) and front magneisum rim.

Time for pics:






Huge thanks to trialparts.net! Thanks to you for watching!

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That looks the business and what a bargain of a frame good to see how it holds up. Now is that just the exact same frame as a Speed race fans or am i missing something?

Not at all! The geo is very different mate!

Now it rides ace, but I didn't give it a proper ride yet!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That looks sooooo Short!!!!! Please tell me you dont hit your knees on the bars when you're back hoping?....I really wanted to get one as well! Ok, so tell us, how does it ride?

Well it rides nice for a short frame, the long stem helps the bike to feel longer! I have never hitted my knees in the bars, and I don't how it can be possible really...

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It was only a joke!

Will you be posting any riding photos or videos soon? I'd like to see how it rides.


I ride quite a lot (but I am crap...), and I never made any video of myself, but that might be a good idea as I go down town tomorrow afternoon. Right now, I spent two hours riding that beauty. Oh my god! it rides awesome, taps are much more easy, but that's probably because the Echo was flexy, so it seems harder... Sidehops are great because the bike just naturally makes you fold your knees and get the front wheel on the wall first ( even though I still have to get use to the bike to get the maximum out of it ). All the bunny hops and taps I had to do with a pedal turn before, I now do it easily with a half-pedal turn.

Yes Uldis, depending on your bars and stem, this bike just feels more natural, everything seems easier.

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Think I will be building one of these soon gonna get what I can from trialsparts then the rest from tarty, frame looks spot on for the price still not sure if it will be too short but the frames that cheap am willing to take a risk..

Believe me, you take no risks buying that frame, it doesn't feel short at all! It rides so nicely! Go for it! 2mm thick tubes everywhere!

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