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You may need to original receipt. But yeah if you send in a broken Onza frame they'll give you have price on the same (or i would presume a similar frame).

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Woah there. Before everybody starts digging up any old frame and sending it off to us, this is the actual "Onza Half price replacement policy" which operates on the sale of new Onza products..

Onza Bicycles operates a half price replacement policy on all its products but this does not include complete bicycles. It operates for two years from the date of the original purchase and is entirely discretionary with the management of Onza bicycles. It has no legal basis and does not form part of the original contract of sale. Onza Bicycles will replace for half the suggested retail price at their discretion any Onza branded frame, fork or other component damaged in any way within that two year period. This policy does not replace any other warranty stated or implied and does not affect any other statutory rights under UK law.

The policy is operated under certain rules and exclusions as follows.

1. It only applies to the original purchaser of the new product and cannot be passed on or sold to a second user of the item.

2. The policy and payment is operated directly with Onza bicycles and does not involve its agents, distributors, retailers or internet sales operators.

3. Onza bicycles insist that all items replaced under the policy must be returned to them prior to replacement.

4. The customer must accept responsibility for carriage charges both ways for the returned item and its replacement.

5. The policy is operated strictly on the basis of suggested retail prices and will not apply to any lower prices achieved by the customer when purchasing at a discount or via a clearance deal on an internet auction site or by any other method.

6. In the case of frames it may be only necessary to return the bottom bracket sawn from the frame, to display the frame number.

7. Original proof of purchase must be supplied with the item.

8. It is possible to upgrade to an item of a higher price but you will only be allowed to transfer a reduction in the price of the upgraded item equal to the amount of the original half price reduction.

9. If you exchange to a lower priced item, you will be charged at least the original items half price replacement cost.

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Thats a cracking deal (excuse the pun!) that really shows the quality of the service.

I'll look towards some Onza components for building my mod up just on the off chance something dies if there's a chance said piece can be replaced at a discount! (was gonna use onza hubs already!)

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