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I think this will be a useful topic so we know how big things are.

Candidate A:

Commonly known as a ruler. Its big brother is called a tape measure. I dont have a tape measure to hand, but this should give you an idea. It has distance markings along it, to tell you how big stuff is. A tape measure is generally much longer/bigger than a ruler. This ruler has INCHES along the top, and CENTIMETRES along the bottom:


Coming up is a little demo of how to measure stuff. You put the end of the markers ('Zero') at the start of the object, and run your tape/ruler alongside it. You then read off where the object finishes. Shouldnt be too hard for you to get the hang of :-

A Practice Question:

How long is this tape?

1. 310 Ths

2. Just under 3 inches

3. 3 feet

4. 6 pallets to bash


If you said 4... you are wrong. 6 Pallets is about 36" high, and looks like this (thanks to Dave for the demo):


1. Is also wrong, its complete bullshit, like a lot of the new topics on this forum.

3. Is pretty close, I suspect a lot of people measure using this technique. However, this would make me a giant, with 3ft long fingers, as shown here:


Last, but by no means least, Congratulations to those who said answer 2, you were correct!!

Now for bonus points, can anyone tell me how much 'just under 3 inches' is in centimetres? Or feet? Answers to the usual address, closest wins my ruler, signed by me, as you can see!!

Now for a more tricky one...

How long is my mouse? You'll have to be a bit of a 'Genuis' (ho ho ho) to get this one right!

See what you think:


Well I hope you learned a lot from that, I certainly did :D


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more to the point do I make it :- (daves side hop up 6 pallets up the top was made to look so easy by him..bastad)

p.s. I can't actually rememberthe answer....however its not the size it looks imo

:D" my arms look nice an beefy there don't they...shame my wrist fukked up the next day :D

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I probably am jealous actually, you bitch, haha. I need to lose some weight and gat taller! Im smoother though :-

However thats only on pallets... real gaps I think im a bit ahead (4 stepdown gaps in LTC Beast video :D... although you could argue that was a while ago)

Aaannywayyy... getting out of hand here. How long is my mouse then? Unlucky Phil, pretty close, a little over-estimated though, classic Trials-Forum mistake!

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Guest scottmus563

actually the mouse isnt 5 inches ! it is 4 cos he started to measure it from 1 inch ! not one inch :-

also I can win the ruler because 3 inches is about 7.5 cm's :D

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actually the mouse isnt 5 inches ! it is 4 cos he started to measure it from 1 inch ! not one inch  :-

also I can win the ruler because 3 inches is about 7.5 cm's  :D

This guy sounds serious here, but surely he cant be that thick to believe me.

Maybe we should take pictures of our tallywhackers and "the biggest tallywhacker thread", but then people will be saying they have 10.8ft tallywhackers.


Edited for extreme obscenities.

Edited by Onzaboymark
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